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Recent Videos
Ira Klein, MD, MBA, FACP, and Richard Joseph, MD discuss payers’ need for more evidence to develop coverage and reimbursement strategies for new agents.
Panelists discuss the differences between, and the alignment of comparative effectiveness research (CER) and innovation as processes for advancing care in cancer.
Peter Salgo, MD; Ira M. Klein, MD, MBA, FACP; and Richard W. Joseph, MD; discuss how different stakeholders view the value of innovative approaches in oncology.
Bryan Loy, MD, describes predictive value of diagnostic tests.
Bryan Loy, MD, discusses the development, adoption, and use of oncologic diagnostic testing.
Peter Salgo, MD, and John L. Fox, MD, MHA, discuss the definition of predictive value of diagnostic testing in cancer and describe the value of the genomic assays that are currently available in breast cancer.
New molecular tests continue to be introduced, and in this segment, Peter Salgo, MD, and John L. Fox, MD, MHA, discuss the clinical utility of genomic tests and explore data from key trials that evaluated the validity of current genomic tests.
During this opening segment, John L. Fox, MD, MHA, and Peter Salgo, MD, discuss the use of molecular tests that assess the risk of cancer recurrence.
Peter Salgo, MD, and Bryan Loy, MD, examine the financial impact of new treatment options entering the market for the treatment of cancer, and highlight the importance of initiating discussions regarding the financial burden of treatment as early as possible.
Peter Salgo, MD, and Bryan Loy, MD, discuss the impact of personalized medicine on medical oncology and explore the challenges that affect its use in daily practice.
Peter Salgo, MD, and Bryan Loy, MD, discuss the 21st Century Cures Initiative recently launched by the US Congress. According to Dr Loy, having a set of understandable rules or guidelines will encourage all stakeholders to warrant discipline and organization around that structure and keep the focus on addressing the barriers affecting the development of new treatment options.
In the first segment of this one-on-one interview series, Peter Salgo, MD, and Bryan Loy, MD, discuss some of the most recent innovations in cancer care. Drs Salgo and Loy agree that open dialogue, collaboration, and transparency among stakeholders in addition to incorporating these recent innovations is essential to helping healthcare professionals provide quality services and current information to oncology patients.