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Recent Videos
In this segment, Christopher Sweeney, MBBS, discusses the results of the ChemoHormonal Therapy versus Androgen Ablation Randomized Trial for Extensive Disease in Prostate Cancer (CHAARTED). Dr Sweeney also discusses how the results of CHAARTED have impacted the treatment of patients with prostate cancer and influenced research on combination therapy.
Christopher Sweeney, MBBS, describes 2 patient cases that demonstrate the variability in disease course among patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer and explains how variability affects treatment decisions. Dr Sweeney also discusses the emergence of a promising biomarker to help determine whether or not a patient would respond to hormonal therapy.
Christopher Sweeney, MBBS, provides an overview of castration-resistant prostate cancer and discusses criteria that clinicians consider when making decisions about treatment for patients who experience disease progression.
Peter Salgo, MD, and Irwin W. Tischler, DO, discuss financial concerns that have affected the development of new treatments in oncology and highlight initiatives being introduced to help address these challenges.
Peter Salgo, MD, and Irwin W. Tischler, DO, discuss potential changes in the design of clinical trials that can help accelerate the development of new agents and financial challenges associated with testing for genetic markers in oncology.
In the first segment of this one-on-one interview series, Peter Salgo, MD, and Irwin W. Tischler, DO, discuss major innovations in the treatment of cancer. Drs Salgo and Tischler also discuss the 21st Century Cures initiative recently launched by the US Congress.
Arthur Garson, Jr, MD, MPH, and Patrick White share final insights about where the cardiovascular community is and where it is heading with regard to managing patients through transitions between healthcare settings.
The shift from fee-for-service healthcare to a value-based healthcare model has been associated with some challenges, notes Patrick White.
During this segment, Patrick White explains why cardiology groups are partnering with hospitals and participating in bundled payment programs.
David May, MD, PhD, FACC, explores strategies that can improve rates of adherence to treatment among patients with cardiovascular conditions. Dr May explains that it is important for all professionals involved in a patient’s care to assess and reinforce the patient’s knowledge base, and notes that this can improve adherence rates.
Based on his personal experiences in the hospital setting, Patrick White reviews the factors that organizations should consider when measuring the success of their transitional care programs.
During this segment, Arthur Garson, Jr, MD, MPH, highlights the benefits of an evolving hospital discharge program, Grand-Aides.