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Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Spring 2016: Experts Share Final Thoughts on Delivering Better Value-Based Care in Oncology

Based on their discussion throughout this program, Bruce A. Feinberg, DO; Alan Balch, PhD; Ira Klein, MD, MBA, FACP; Michael Kolodziej, MD; and Ted Okon, MBA, conclude The American Journal of Managed Care's Spring 2016 Oncology Stakeholders Summit by sharing final considerations about reducing costs and delivering value-based care in oncology.
Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Spring 2016: Need for Stakeholder Participation in Developing Payment Models

Bruce A. Feinberg, DO; James Gilroy; and Ted Okon, MBA, discuss issues that have limited the effectiveness of proposed payment models in healthcare and describe the importance of involving all stakeholders when developing a new model.
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