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August 26, 2017 – Xian Shen, PhD; Bruce C. Stuart, PhD; Christopher A. Powers, PharmD; Sarah E. Tom, PhD, MPH; Laurence S. Magder, PhD; and Eleanor M. Perfetto, PhD, MS
August 25, 2017 – Jeffrey C. Yu, AB; Bruce Wolfe, MD; Robert I. Griffiths, ScD, MS; Raul Rosenthal, MD; Daniel Cohen, MA; and Iris Lin, PhD
July 31, 2017 – Susan D. Brown, PhD; Christina S. Grijalva, MA; and Assiamira Ferrara, MD, PhD
June 26, 2017 – Bruce Stuart, PhD; Franklin Hendrick, PhD; J. Samantha Dougherty, PhD; and Jing Xu, PhD
June 25, 2017 – Brice Wiggins, JD
June 24, 2017 – Christina Mattina and Mary Caffrey
June 24, 2017 – Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, FACP
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