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Researchers found that drug prices would need to be less than one-third of their current retail value to be cost-effective.
What we're reading, August 17, 2016: Walgreens looks to gamify medication adherence; Aetna warned the Department of Justice that if its merger wasn't approved, it would pull back from exchange participation; and the controversy behind numbers of medication error deaths.
One in 12 people who survive a common cancer will develop a second, unrelated malignancy, the most common of which was lung cancer.
Many accountable care organizations are beginning to adopt various programs or strategies into their framework to increase patient access to behavioral health care, but several challenges remain.
The USPSTF recently sought to update it's screening recommendations for skin cancer and evaluate the harms this type of test poses to the patient, and whether this tool leads to earlier detection of skin cancer than other care means.
Work at the University of Montreal shows how a urea impacts a protein, disrupting insulin secretion and elevating blood glucose.
Another large insurer says it can't sustain losses from people who were sicker than anyone imagined. Leaving unprofitable markets doesn't answer the question of how to pay for their care.
What we're reading, August 16, 2016: hospitals are partnering with ride-hailing services to get patients to their appointments; Democrats look to repeal a ban on federal funding for abortion; and Colorado will vote on a right-to-die bill this fall.
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