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The news comes the week of the 10th anniversary of Amy Tenderich's famous "Open Letter to Steve Jobs," which called on the tech giant to bring innnovation and better design to diabetes products.
Full recognition is key as the provider of the Diabetes Prevention Program awaits rules for Medicare reimbursement. CMS will offer the program to Medicare beneficiaries in 2018.
Considering people spend two-thirds of their lives where they live, the quality of housing and the state of their neighborhood can play a large role in well-being and cause poor health. A new report from Urban Institute took a look at the impact of blighted properties and policy and program recommendations that can help communities make housing and neighborhoods healthier.
Two pieces of legislation, a federal bill in the US Senate and a state bill in Pennsylvania, would attempt to alleviate physician shortages in some underserved areas.
A new study has explored factors that impact patient adherence to oral chemotherapy regimens and found that improved satisfaction with their treatment and clinician was most strongly linked to better adherence.
The market for tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder affecting 500,000 patients in the United States, will go from zero approved treatments to 2 in 2017, making it an important area to watch, said Aimee Tharaldson, PharmD, senior clinical consultant for emerging therapeutics at Express Scripts.
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