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Study’s findings add to concerns about health plans’ incentives not to comply with their legal obligation under the law to provide mental health benefits on par with medical and surgical benefits.
Groups seeking grants under the new program must show how they can train small practices without charging the doctors or their practices.
Using an algorithm to recommend insulin dosing, both in and out of the hospital, was shown to improve glycemic control and aid population health management.
If the announcement by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis holds true, biosimilars that the company plans to launch over the next 4 years could create a significant dent in the sales of 5 blockbuster molecules in the oncology and immunology space.
The Affordable Care Act has helped many Americans gain access to health coverage, and a recent analysis from HHS discovered that rural America in particular has benefited.
The Affordable Care Act and additional legislation that has mandated extending mental health parity coverage are contributing to an increased demand for mental health services that the United States is not meeting.
What we're reading, June 20, 2016: employers are cutting back on wellness benefits; new apps and websites provide birth control prescriptions to women; and Novartis pledges to triple the number of biosimilar drugs on the market by 2020.
Researchers at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that increases in unemployment in California during the Great Recession were associated with an increased risk for weight gain among 1.7 million public school children in the state.
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