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A cost-economic analysis by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health has found that switching to Gardasil-9, which protects against 9 oncogenic serotypes of the human papillomavirus, would provide improved health benefits at the same or lower societal cost.
UnitedHealth Group started the year in 34 insurance exchanges, but that number will be a lot less come 2017. CEO Stephen Hemsley announced that the company will only participate in a "handful" of Affordable Care Act exchanges next year.
Narrative often shapes a person’s approach to healthcare decisions, yet narrative is usually excluded from the medical evidence base, and it rarely plays a role in original research reports.
What we're reading, April 19, 2016: blood-testing laboratory Theranos is now facing a criminal investigation; biosimilars may not be cheaper than brand name biologics for some seniors; and stigma and misconceptions remain regarding palliative care.
Early reports to the state's largest newspaper resemble tales from the days of Medicaid transitions in other states. While managed care may be better for accountability measures over the long haul, in state after state, large-scale transitions prove difficult.
The National Quality Forum’s Measure Applications Partnership recently released guidelines on measures for the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System and on cross-cutting issues for all federal healthcare programs.
When asked “what is your surgical site infection rate?” one will get an answer that is almost certainly removed from reality.
What we're reading, April 18, 2016: medical experts ask the Joint Commission to revisit its standards of pain management; study determines low-cost generics just as effective at treating hepatitis C as brand name drugs; and UnitedHealth also pulling out of Michigan Obamacare exchange.
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