Segment 11 - Integrating Pathways into the Value-Based Framework

Published Online: June 30, 2014
Panelists discussed the successes and failures associated with pathway implementation.

Dr Malin recognized US Oncology and its ability to spearhead pathway implementation and adoption. Dr Tischler concured with Dr Malin, but stressed that instituting pathways alone will not bend the cost curve. Community-based practices, he said, need to do more than implement pathways to save costs. Dr Yu added that pathways are only a start to accountability and delivering patient-centered care. Pathways need to fit within a value-based framework.

“I think that’s the future,” said Dr Nabhan. “We need to reduce variability within the same practice, across practices, across hospitals, across universities, and we can’t just stop there. We have to look at these clinical pathways as just an aspect of what we all have to do.”

Dr Nabhan warned that incentives are critical to offset the cost and hours associated with pathway program implementation.