American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2017

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) will present its 77th Scientific Sessions from June 9-13, 2017, in San Diego, California. More than 13,000 international attendees will convene to learn about the most significant advances in diabetes care and research during this year's meeting, Experience New Horizons in Diabetes. Sign up for our daily e-mail blasts on our registration page, and check back here during the conference for the full coverage.


Dr Eda Cengiz on Artificial Pancreas Systems Leading to Personalized Medicine
   |    ADA 2017
Eda Cengiz, MD, MHS, FAAP, associate professor of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine, discusses how personalized diabetes medication can be accomplished through technology and can improve the lives of those living with diabetes.
Dr Andrew Rhinehart Discusses Glytec's Contribution to Value-Based Reforms
   |    ADA 2017
Value-based purchasing is happening and Glytec is participating in this new and transitioning form of care, says Andrew Rhinehart, MD, chief medical officer at Glytec. This extension of care beyond the hospital for diabetes needs is promising in producing better patient outcomes.
Dr Eda Cengiz on Embracing Technology to Improve Diabetes Care
   |    ADA 2017
Clinicians need to take the initiative to learn about new systems and technology in order to improve diabetes care, states Eda Cengiz, MD, MHS, FAAP, associate professor of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine.
Dr Alan Carter on Biosimilars in the Insulin Market
   |    ADA 2017
Alan Carter, PharmD, principal investigator and senior advisor at MRIGlobal, and adjunct faculty at University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Pharmacy discusses the influence of biosimilars and follow-ons in the insulin market and their reliability should be validated.
Dr Eda Cengiz on New Technologies in Diabetes Management
   |    ADA 2017
Smartphone apps and other new technologies can replace past methods and make life easier for diabetes patients, according to Eda Cengiz, MD, MHS, FAAP, associate professor of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine.
Robby Booth of Glytec Discusses the Importance of Data-Sharing Capabilities
   |    ADA 2017
Data-sharing capabilities are important for faster communications and results that can greatly benefit the patient, says Robby Booth, senior vice president of research and development at Glytec.
Dr Andrew Rhinehart: Improving Intermediate Outcomes in Diabetes Research
   |    ADA 2017
Andrew Rhinehart, MD, chief medical officer at Glytec, discusses the transition from intermediate outcomes in diabetes research of glycemic results to harder outcomes that will benefit the patient financially and through their care.
   |    ADA 2017 > Mary Caffrey
Patient engagement offers opportunities for shared decision making between visits, when those with diabetes or obesity make choices about food, exercise, or medication that affect health outcomes.
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