Patricia Coyle, MD, Discusses Diagnostic Tools Utilized in Multiple Sclerosis

Published Online:October 02, 2013
In this video, Patricia Coyle, MD, director, MS Comprehensive Care Center, Stony Brook Neurosciences Institute, professor and vice chair of clinical affairs, Department of Neurology, SUNY at Stony Brook, emphasized the need to establish biomarkers for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Dr Coyle said that the best biomarkers for disease activity available are in neuroimaging with T1 and T2-based MRI measures. There are also nonconventional techniques used that can image microscopic damage. Dr Coyle notes that these techniques are not used routinely clinically, but expects it will be used more and more. 

“There is no single diagnostic test for MS.” “We need even more sensitive disease activity for biomarkers,” said Dr Coyle.