Dan Crippen Discusses Reform of State Medicaid Programs

Published Online: October 08, 2013
Dan Crippen, executive director of the National Governors Association, says the single biggest issue with state Medicaid programs is its significant impact on state budgets.

“Until recently, states top spending item was education,” says Mr Crippen. “Healthcare, and Medicaid in particular, has crossed that line and is now the most expensive program in the states.”

Medicaid’s high costs make it a challenge to fund many state programs including education, transportation, infrastructure, and other state priorities. However, Mr Crippen suggests that state governors are working to shift their emphasis to controlling Medicaid expenditures while still providing patients with quality care.

“Governors’ are looking very hard at the patients that cost the most, why they cost the most, and how we can change those practice or patterns to reduce their costs,” he said.
In fact, each state is creating a strategic action plan to address successful implementation of Medicaid programs.