Evidence-Based Diabetes Management | March 2016

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

The availability of a novel predictive biomarker in diabetes care could have benefits for patients, payers, and pharma.
Did MannKind misjudge consumer demand, or are barriers from payers to blame for Afrezza's woes? A feature outlining the misfortunes and future plans for the only inhaled insulin on the market.
Authors from the Mayo Clinic discuss situational goals in diabetes care, because quality targets enforced too strictly may harm patients who are working hard to manage their disease.
Authors from the National Quality Forum discuss development of the next generation of diabetes measures, including those that reflect "the voice of the patient."
An introduction to the Joslin Clinical Analytic Tool, a new diabetes measure developed to adjust for the variety in patient mix and better inform clinicians which interventions will work best.
Dr Gabbay is editor in chief of Evidence-Based Diabetes Management.
Medication therapy management is a key component of ensuring good outcomes in diabetes care. The clinical pharmacist can play a key role in ensuring good transitions of care, avoiding problems of polypharmacy, addressing financial issues, and providing patient education.
A case management program implemented by Coventry Healthcare in one of the nation's poorest areas produced positive, measurable results among patients with diabetes.
If healthcare reimbursement is to rely on patient data, providers must take care to protect information from breaches.
Questionnaires are noninvasive, inexpensive measures that can identify key elements of the patient perspec­tive that are important for the achievement of better outcomes in diabetes care.
In Soda Politics, Marion Nestle, PhD, traces the history of the giant soda companies in the United States, and how they have copied the tactics of Big Tobacco to get children "drinking sugar," with resulting rates of diabetes and obesity. Other groups are joining Nestle in criticizing the export of heavy soda marketing to the developing world.

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