Evidence-Based Oncology | Patient-Centered Oncology Care 2015

Evidence-Based Oncology

Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS, found that most cancer patients would like to discuss financial concerns with their doctors, but few actually do, for a variety of reasons.
CMS has attempted to tailor ACOs to meet a variety of needs and levels of risk, depending on where parties are in their knowledge level of payment reform.
Keynote speaker Dr Julie Vose said the oncologist faces many administrative burdens in the transition to value-based care. Solving them is essential to spending more time with the patient.
Emanuel F. Petricoin III, PhD, said patients have much to gain from "democratization" as clinical trials move beyond academic centers.
A thorough family history is the foundation of precision medicine, according to the 2015 president of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.
The timely panel took place just after FDA issued a report on why it feels regulatory oversight of testing is necessary.
Oncologists now face a cost discussion that was not part of their medical training. It's a balancing act between the big picture of understanding the burdens on the system and "the patient in front of you."
Broad treatment guidelines may be based on relatively narrow trial data.
After being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, Jack Whelan has used his electronic connections to be more involved in his care.
Immunotherapy represents the "next frontier" in cancer care, according to Joseph Alvarnas, MD, of City of Hope, who is editor-in-chief of Evidence-Based Oncology.
Choosing a therapy with fewer side effects can increase efficacy because patients stick with it, said Stacey McCullough, PharmD, of Tennessee Oncology.
The pharmacy benefit manager may be the "new sheriff in town" in an era of rising costs.
Flatiron Health seeks to use data to prevent the patient experience from being lost.
Panelists discussing quality metrics in oncology were not sure payment and federal policies could keep pace with what's happening on the front lines.
Results of the study in JAMA underscore the importance of advance care planning.

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