The American Journal of Managed Care | August 2014


This study investigated the impact of an enhanced preventive care delivery system on healthcare expenditure and utilization trends among Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.
This study demonstrates a major influence of prehypertension and hypertension on healthcare costs in a large cohort of children, independent of body mass index.


The authors demonstrate the utility of distributed data models for reporting of local trends and variation in utilization, pricing, and spending for commercially insured beneficiaries.
This study illustrates that where clinical trials are lacking, network meta-analysis can provide valuable insights into the potential clinical and economic benefits of value-based insurance design.


Health reform increased Medicaid enrollment, but was not associated with Veterans Health Administration and private insurance enrollment among Massachusetts veterans.


Use of dual antiplatelet therapy was modest for patients with existing cardiovascular disease for whom subgroup analysis from a landmark clinical trial suggested benefit in preventing cardiovascular events, and low for patients with multiple risk factors without established cardiovascular disease, for whom increased cardiovascular events were suggested.


Increasing access to continuous labor support from a birth doula may facilitate decreases in non-indicated cesarean rates among women who desire doula care.
Implementation of payment reform, without a corresponding change to coverage, benefit, and other payment requirements, creates conflicting incentives that may nullify the intended aim of payment reform: to improve health outcomes, while saving costs.
This study demonstrated that reduction of depression symptoms following routine treatment in primary care is significantly associated with improvements in productivity at work.
Modest weight loss (>3%) among metformin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus was associated with decreased costs, lower resource utilization, and lower rates of treatment discontinuation.
An automatic enrollment strategy for health insurance programs may not only increase the total number of enrollees but may also decrease some enrollment disparities.
This article provides an assessment of the downstream impact of coronary artery calcium scanning on the subsequent treatment patterns of non–high-risk patients.
Impact of multidisciplinary team care on reducing utilization of emergency department visits for patients with lung cancer.
This study projected that the breast cancer index assay is cost saving when used either at diagnosis or at 5 years post diagnosis.

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