The American Journal of Managed Care | July 2017


Price shopping for medications within a small geographic area can yield considerable cost savings for uninsured and insured consumers in high-deductible health plans.


In a national survey, US internists reported high levels of adoption of overtreatment guidelines; despite this fact, they also reported recommending services targeted by the overtreatment guidelines.
This study investigates the cost-effectiveness of a community-based patient navigation program to improve cervical cancer screening.


In a survey of patients and visitors to a large academic medical center, middle-income respondents with private insurance reported more cost-related delays in care than those with public insurance.


Retail prices for commonly prescribed drugs are often absent from state prescription drug price websites, but when reported, can vary substantially.


Disseminating timely and relevant research findings to policy makers is a national priority to inform health policy decisions. Social media is a novel tool to bridge the communication gap.
The results of this study show that patient-reported data on health and healthcare can be useful in predicting high-cost patients when claims data for prior years are not available.
The authors adapted a successful large-scale, specialist-run asthma management program to an existing multi-specialty clinic utilizing existing resources and achieving similar outcomes.
Adherence to glucose-lowering agents was associated with a significant reduction in use of acute care resources without any increased total medical costs.
Divergent reactions among women at high risk for diabetes highlight challenges of implementing tailored outreach messages, driven by electronic health records, to promote patient engagement in preventive lifestyle programs.

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