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March 20, 2018
The FDA has approved brentuximab vedotin (Adcentris) in combination with chemotherapy for adults with previously untreated state 3 or 4 classical Hodgkin lymphoma based on results of the ECHELON-1 study. 
March 20, 2018
Alabama’s proposed plan to institute work requirements in order to obtain Medicaid benefits would fall heavily on mothers, African Americans, and families living in rural communities, according to an analysis by an independent, nonpartisan policy and research center. And because the state has not expanded Medicaid as allowed under the Affordable Care Act, the work requirement would apply only to extremely poor parents.
March 20, 2018
Negotiations over reinsurance, cost sharing for insurers stall in Hyde Amendment dispute; drug policy experts say more money is needed if leaders want to combat opioids for real; Supreme Court hears free speech case on abortion clinics.
March 19, 2018
Earlier this month, a team from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Health Foundation traveled to Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Islands to assess the recovery of the healthcare system 6 months following Hurricane Maria. What they found is a very mixed situation, with some areas faring better than others, but with much more work remaining before the islands can restore to a state of normalcy. Compounding the problem, the next hurricane season is approaching while the area has not yet recovered from the first one.
March 19, 2018
In 2014, Maryland and CMS entered a 5-year agreement employing the All-Payer Hospital Model in the state to cut costs while improving quality. According to the year 3 performance data, Maryland has met or is on track to meet all model requirements, saving hundreds of millions of dollars as it lowers hospital readmissions and steers the state away from a volume-based system.
March 19, 2018
The right-to-try bill, which suffered a surprise 259-140 defeat in the House of Representatives last week, is scheduled for another vote this week. The House Committee on Rules was scheduled to meet late in the day Monday to change the procedure so that it could be passed with just a simple majority, rather than a two-thirds majority, and this time approval seems likely.
March 19, 2018
With much of the nation talking about alternatives to opioids and other medicines for pain relief, including the possibility of using cognitive and mind-body therapies, The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) recently released a report about 5 interventions for chronic low back and neck pain, as well as the value of those interventions in chronic low back pain.
March 19, 2018
ACA insurers posted good results for 2017 after hiking premiums 25%; Virginia inches closer to approving Medicaid expansion as budget talks near; an AIDS researcher is said to be the top candidate to lead the CDC.
March 18, 2018
Currently, the FDA is evaluating 2 investigational drugs, both of which treat the underlying pathophysiology of hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis.
March 17, 2018
Patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) who were treated at a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center had a 53% lower risk of early mortality, according to a study published in Cancer.
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