Two doctors have been found guilty of falsely certifying Medicare patients were terminally ill and qualified for hospice care. However, the vast majority of the patients actually were not dying.
Six years after the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, a physicians' group says corporate interests are pushing aside the concerns of doctors and the needs of patients.
What we're reading, May 6, 2016: Both Democrats and Republicans are pushing back against the recent Medicare Part B proposal; medical overdose risk is high among people ages 45 to 64; and the Cayman Islands are releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to combat disease.
Even though prices for both drugs in Britain was less than half the list price in the United States, NICE demanded further discounts before issuing a draft guidance that the therapies were appropriate for those who cannot otherwise lower cholesterol.
Despite a high prevalence, rates of cardiac dysfunction and diastolic dysfunction are overwhelmingly unrecognized among the Latino/Hispanic population in the United States.
With reports documenting the shockingly rising use of e-cigarettes by middle and high school children, the announcement today that the FDA will extend its regulatory authority to include e-cigarettes is welcome news.
Patients with acute myeloid leukemia are extremely susceptible to infection, especially due to the prevalence of neutropenia.
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