A new medication therapy management model being rolled out by CMS will test strategies to improve medication use among Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in the Part D drug program.
The top managed care stories this week include a new PhRMA head and recommendations to update measurements designed to improve health and control costs in the Medicaid program.
Most telling were the interviews with hospital leaders, who said the bonus payments did more to reinforce existing trends in quality care than alter them.
A study reports that despite the steady growth in hospital-based palliative care programs, access is sketchy and is driven by geographic location and hospital ownership.
The technique deploys several strategies to reduce cancer risk. It is being evaluated in mouse models but researchers are already looking ahead to human studies.
A government-funded network of specialized survivor clinics in Ontario, Canada, significantly decreased emergency department visits among adult survivors of childhood cancer.
The study plans to evaluate the impact of a personalized approach to breast cancer screening over an annual mammogram.
An earlier plan from Governor Gary Herbert that was paid for with existing state funds was rejected by the legislature. The current plan would add 95,000 Utahns to Medicaid, with hospitals paying most of the state's share after 2017.
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