This week in managed care, the Department of Justice filed suit to block 2 health insurance megamergers, a poll found that healthcare is not a top issue with voters, and a study reported that patients with cancer and dementia get better end-of-life care.
The findings highlight what the authors say is ongoing discrimination in payer coverage for substance abuse care, in contrast with other mental health conditions.
In a conference call the morning after a landmark vote, Dexcom's president and CEO said the company will not wait for final FDA approval to start talks with CMS.
According to a news report in Nature, scientists at Sichuan University’s West China Hospital are on track to initiate a clinical trial that will administer CRISPR-Cas9–edited immune cells in patients diagnosed with lung cancer.
CMS' Innovation Center created Million Hearts to identify Medicare beneficiaries most at risk of heart disease and cardiovascular events.
A letter published in The New England Journal of Medicine provides narrative of a clinical interference that has been documented with the much hailed multiple myeloma drug daratumumab.
Pence's record on Medicaid expansion and an HIV outbreak are getting national attention now that he is nominated for vice president.
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