Researchers said they expected people with dogs to walk more than those without, but the size of the gap surprised them. The lead author, who studies dementia, said the results could point to a solution for seniors looking for a way to stay active.
Researchers have identified a cellular signaling pathway that when activated by mutations may prevent immune cells from infiltrating bladder tumors, thus making the cancer resistant to immune checkpoint inhibitors.
A Harvard expert says there are still times when finger stick tests make sense, but payers may question why they should pay for supplies.
Many accountable care organizations participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program focus on disease control and medication use, but a new study published in JAMA Cardiology has found that the programs have not made any meaningful changes in medication use or adherence.
The Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial examined the long-term influence of low-fat eating patterns on the breast cancer mortality rate.
Patient refusal, symptom burden, and diagnostic disparities were identified as some of the most common barriers encountered when recruiting patients with advanced cancer for palliative treatment in the emergency department (ED).
Legislators from both parties may have difficulty finding a common solution to high drug prices, but President Donald Trump could be instrumental in bringing prices down if he acts on his pledges, according to David M. Cutler, PhD, of Harvard University.
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