Healthcare Spending Growth Expected to Pick Up This Year to 5.6%
The economy's lackluster recovery eroded wages and left millions chronically unemployed. It also offered significant relief from the fiscal distress of U.S. health spending. Now, spending fueled by the improving economy and the healthcare reform law's insurance and Medicaid expansions are likely to turn that around.
3 Reasons Insurance Premiums Won't 'Skyrocket' Next Year
Despite what some media reports have to say, health insurance premiums won't "skyrocket" next year, according to an article by ConsumerReports.
Medicaid Expansion: Opt-Out States Cover Those Who Opted-In
States who refused to expand Medicaid will pay for other states that did; an investment without returns unless they participate in the expansion program.
Halozyme's PEGPH20 Receives Fast-Track Designation
The program is being developed to treat metastatic prostate cancer.
American Lung Association Applauds CVS: Tobacco Products are Off the Shelf
CVS accelerated its timeline from October to September to stop selling tobacco and related products in its retail stores.
JAMA Study Does Not Find Improved Survival With Double Mastectomy
Survival at 10 years was no better when women had double mastectomies.
ASCO Updates Clinical Guidelines for HER2-Negative Breast Cancer
The guidelines suggest various treatment options available, following consideration of the patient's status and preference.
Opioid Abuse and Cancer: The Patient's Perspective
Concerns about addiction and abuse may prevent patients from informing their oncologist about their level of pain.
Lifestyle Counseling To Meld Into Treatment Regimens?
The USPSTF recommendations are already being practiced by some payers like BCBS and Aetna.
ACA Woes Continue For Some
Glitches in the website could prevent individuals from submitting immigration documents, resulting in fines or loss of coverage.
Cabozantinib Fails in Phase 3
The company developing the drug, Excelis, now plans to focus it's attention on the ongoing kidney and liver cancer trials for the drug.
Another Role for Plans: Help Consumers Make the Most of Their Health Benefits
Navigating the complex health care system isn’t always easy, especially for newly enrolled consumers who are using their new benefits for the first time. But health plans are there to help these new consumers sort through the system and prepare them to take charge of their health coverage and care.
FDA Plan To Diversify Clinical Trials Raises Some Concerns
In response to a law passed two years ago, the FDA was directed to assess the extent to which women and minorities are represented in clinical trials and also devise a plan to bolster their participation.
Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine in Kids Can Trim Caseload And Be Cost-Effective, Especially in a Bad Season, Study Finds
With flu vaccination season upon us, the question arises, shot or nasal spray? For children, a nasal spray might be an easier option, and a new study just published in The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits shows that if a moderate to harsh flu season is expected, it’s a cost-effective choice, too.
In Healthcare Reform, Helping Patients Pick the Right Doctor Is Key to Accountable Care
Of the many elements in healthcare reform, one essential has been overlooked: helping patients pick the doctor who is right for them. In an commentary appearing in Evidence-Based Oncology, a publication of The American Journal of Managed Care, Brian W. Powers and Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, outline a framework for accountable physician selection, noting that the higher the stakes, the more important this process.
States Step in to Regulate Drug Co-pays
Consurers may need to find new ways to control costs for specialty drugs, as more states add limits to cost-sharing and utilization continues to grow.
Formularies, a Tool in the Fight for Affordable Life-Saving Care
Health plans have a long list of tools they use to deliver better value and access to health care consumers.
Open Payment Site Scheduled for More Downtime, Complaints Continue
The troubled Open Payment Act website is encountering a bit more turbulence. The CMS announced Thursday that it plans upcoming outages for the site and that downtime would be used for “scheduled maintenance upgrades.”
AJMC Series Finds Positive Spin-offs for Cancer Care From New Jersey’s Higher Education Overhaul
Status in the States, the series in The American Journal of Managed Care’s news publication, Evidence-Based Oncology, took a look at cancer care in New Jersey two years after a high-profile reorganization of the state’s higher education system. The overhaul has improved collaboration within research units and with nearby pharmaceutical giants, and a new medical school reports a bumper crop of applicants.
Incorporating Clinical Event Notifications in HIEs Can Improve Care Coordination, Study Finds
Regional health information exchanges with clinical event notification services have the potential to improve care coordination and possibly reduce unnecessary inpatient admissions and duplicate testing, according to a study in Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes.
CMS Finalizes EHR Meaningful-Use Rule, Adds Some Flexibility
The CMS late Friday finalized a rule allowing hospitals and eligible professionals more flexibility in how they meet meaningful-use requirements for the electronic health-record incentive program. The agency had first proposed the idea in a May draft rule.
Blues Create Information Sharing Service as Public Utility
Two large health insurers are hoping a new "public utility" patient data sharing service will improve one of the most pernicious problems in American healthcare.
Celgene's Lenalidomide Proves Promising in Ongoing DLBCL Trials
The phase 2 study combined lenalidomide with R-CHOP in newly diagnosed patients.
Reform Update: Facing ACA Mandates, Insurers Diversify Into Technology
Health insurance companies, now required to spend the lion's share of premium revenue on patient care, are looking for higher investment returns elsewhere. As a result, they're increasingly putting money into technology ventures where they expect to realize higher returns.