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Adding more states and conditions to the Medicare Advantage value-based insurance design model will allow CMS to reach a more diverse group of plans and patients, in both rural and urban settings.
An expert panel convened by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued a new clinical practice guideline on management of chronic pain in adult cancer survivors.
What we're reading, August 11, 2016: hospitals are throwing out less-than-perfect organs and refusing transplants; why an increasing reliance on hospitalists is bad for comprehensive care; and removing the roadbloack to marijuana research.
The institute is part of a planned development by Joseph Canizaro, who grew up in Biloxi and has transformed New Orleans' skyline over 4 decades.
What we're reading, August 10, 2016: mortality rate in the United States declines after 2015's increase; infant death in Texas linked to Zika virus; and Ohio colleges drop student health insurance due to Obamacare provisions.
Computed tomography (CT) scans, a common imaging modality, can increase a person's risk of developing cancer later in life.
Higher levels of activity were associated with a significantly lowered risk for outcomes in 5 common chronic diseases; however, the largest gains were made at lower levels of activity with diminishing gains as activity levels increased.
The step comes in the wake of reports from Pro Publica, which found 47 incidents since 2012, and signs the problem was getting worse.
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