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Study finds a first heart attack is more likely to lead to heart failure in patients when the burden of coronary artery disease increases.
Many physicians are interested in using genomic profiling in patient care, but many believe they are unprepared to do so.
The top stories in managed care include a recap of Patient-Centered Diabetes Care, the case for the Oncology Medical Home, UnitedHealth leaves Affordable Care Act exchanges in 2 states, and CMS expands alternative payment model for primary care.
Drug prices are rising faster than any other area of healthcare, but solutions aren't so simple. Easing barriers to competition, promoting approval of generic drugs, and increased transparency would help.
The action, to be published Monday in the Federal Register, comes as the agency puts increased focus on long-term safety of drugs that treat diabetes and obesity, and prevent cardiovascular events.
Public investment in affordable and stable housing, through rental assistance for food-insecure families, improves the health of infants and children and is associated with better health outcomes and lower spending.
Pharmaceutical industry experts provide an overview of the highly complex biosimilar development process at The Community Oncology Conference: Innovation in Cancer Care, held in Orlando, Florida.
Everyone in healthcare is currently grappling with what payment reform will look like in the coming years, and oncology is no exception. Payers, providers, and health policy experts reviewed ongoing changes in the healthcare system and shared their vision on what the future would look like.
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