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A new economic study has found that cancer types that were the focus of articles receiving public or private research support had fewer hospitalizations and lower mortality.
The poll, taken before the estimate from the Congressional Budget Office became public, finds the same divide between Republicans and Democrats that the Kaiser researchers have noted since polling began in 2010.
Ken Tarkoff, formerly at RelayHealth, is joining Syapse as its new CEO.
Too much screen time is also blamed for rising rates of childhood obesity and diabetes. NIH Director Francis Collins said social media is a "chicken or the egg" issue, because it's unclear if social media causes isolation or reflects it.
The proposed payment models could fill a void for gastroenterologists, a key field for Medicare given the high number of enrollees treated for colorectal cancer.
A concerning new study has found a significant gap in survival for cystic fibrosis patients in the United States and Canada. The 10-year advantage observed in Canadian patients could partially be explained by disparities in the countries’ healthcare systems, the researchers suggested.
For the first time, the cost of drugs has surpassed the cost of hospitalizations, which is an important turning point, said Charles J. Fazio, MD, medical director of HealthPartners, Inc, during a panel discussion at America’s Health Insurance Plans’ National Health Policy Conference.
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