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Amy J. Reed, MD, died 4 years following her surgery that used a power morcellator to remove her uterus, resulting in the spread of a hidden cancer.
The American Medical Association declared obesity a disease in 2013, but insurers have been slow to cover drugs to treat the disease.
As the capabilities and benefits of e-prescribing become more widely known, states will likely continue enacting requirements to drive the uptake of this new technology, explained Doug Hillblom, PharmD, president at Arena Healthcare, LLC.
A Senate working group is already crafting an entirely new version of a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. House Speaker Paul Ryan waited on a new CBO score to make sure the American Health Care Act met necessary savings targets to use the budget reconciliation process to undo Obamacare.
Researchers from the University of Wisconsin devised a phone-based intervention to assist patients during the transition from hospital to home following complex abdominal surgery and reduce readmissions.
James D. Chambers, PhD, MPharm, MSc, of Tufts Medical Center was named the 2017 recipient of the Bernie J. O'Brien New Investigator Award at the ISPOR 22nd Annual International Meeting. He highlights the trends he is most looking forward to seeing develop over the next year and the next 5 years.
Gene therapies have tremendous potential. They are a short treatment that could have lifelong effects. However, the very expensive therapies have a lot of unknowns and raise a number of ethical and practicality questions.
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