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A new study investigating the link between state medical marijuana laws and Medicaid prescription drug spending has found that states with such laws had lower prescribing rates in 5 of 9 clinical areas examined.
Despite the wide variety of rare diseases out there, children and families living with rare disease have one thing in common: they experience diagnostic delays. A new study in Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases described experiences of seeking and receiving a diagnosis of a rare disease and access to healthcare.
The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) today published a letter outlining its thoughts on the FDA draft guidance regarding manufacturer communications about off-label uses of drugs. Today was the final day to comment on the draft before the agency begins to formulate the final version of the guidance.
The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has raised concerns that utilization management strategies, especially for high-cost prescription drugs, could reduce patient access.
The study from Finland evaluated the diets of men taking part in a larger study of heart disease risk.
Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2009 have not eliminated instances of workplace discrimination against employees with cancer, according to a recently published study.
As technology becomes a standard tool in more professions, the resources used become more accessible, more protected, and provide the ability to more efficiently track progress and changes over time.
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