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With MACRA, providers gain access to financial incentives for value-based care, and patient engagement becomes crucial.
Representatives from the Beat acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and National Cancer Institute-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH), which incorporate genomic profiling to assign patients to different treatment arms, provided an insight on trial design and a progress report.
An analysis of per capita Medicare spending among beneficiaries with 6 or more chronic conditions reveals wide geographic variations in costs across the US, with similar spending levels often seen in counties neighboring one another.
The study found that periodic interruptions over the course of the day were better for improving levels of insulin resistance than a single burst of exercise.
Putting Care at the Center is bringing together innovators from across the country to network, learn from each other, and create a shared agenda for the emerging field of complex care.
The group that represents 5000 hospitals outlined a policy agenda that calls for regulatory reform but also seeks some certainty that patients who gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act will be able to retain it in the future.
What we're reading, December 5, 2016: insurers may be turning a corner with Obamacare plans; selling insurance across state lines may be a difficult initiative to implement; and older Americans are not diligent about getting vaccinations.
Older patients diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) continue to present a favorable response to single-agent ibrutinib, at a follow-up of 29 months, in phase 3 of the RESONATE-2 trial.
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