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Do newer forms of radiation treatments surpass standard radiation in prostate cancer?
The analysis followed a landmark study in 2015 that showed insulin sensitivity could improve in patients with type 2 diabetes after only 10 days in a colder climate.
According to a review of 37 studies, health interventions delivered to children and teens through mobile apps have significant potential to boost healthy behaviors and improve disease outcomes in this population.
The changes were designed to appease the most conservative House Republicans, whose votes are needed because no Democrats will support the bill. A House floor vote could come by Thursday.
The CVD-REAL study presented at the American College of Cardiology 66th Scientific Session asked whether cardiovascular outcomes seen in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial could be seen in a real-world environment, and for the entire class of SGLT2 inhibitors, according to AstraZeneca’s Jim McDermott, PhD, vice president for Medical Affairs, Diabetes.
The step comes after months of criticism about high insulin prices.
The delay is partly due to the Inauguration Day executive order than delayed implementing new regulations. But it may also signal a shift in thinking on CMS' approach to bundled payments and who should drive them—doctors or health systems.
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