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As health insurers reduce their involvement in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s insurance exchanges and states approve sharp premium increases for 2017, HHS is trying to assuage fears that coverage under the ACA will be unaffordable for consumers next year.
Researchers found that changing cooking methods could allow people at risk of developing diabetes to reverse damage done by things like grilling and frying their food.
The study in JAMA represents the largest effort to date to integrate mental health and primary care services across a health system and measure both clinical outcomes and savings.
What we're reading, August 25, 2016: Hillary Clinton proposes fund for public health crises; hospitals that treated victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting will not bill survivors; and 1 in 4 people admit to using leftover antibiotics.
Research at Massachusetts General Hospital has provided vital leads that can explain drug resistance observed in breast cancer.
For years, researchers have looked for a solution that would mean fewer injections for those with type 1 diabetes.
While Mylan has steadily increased the price of EpiPens since 2007, the uproar from consumers is more recent. This suggests that for several years, payers masked the cost of the product, but that has changed with the popularity of high deductible plans.
A majority of hospitals that may be required to participate in the new Medicare cardiac bundled payment models would not experience losses or gains over $500,000 per year, according to a recent analysis by Avalere Health.
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