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The result of a multicollaborative effort, the study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that incorporating breast density information in the risk calculator could accurately estimate women’s risk for the disease.
The findings come as CMS is poised to finalize a rule to pay doctors to counsel patients about end-of-life treatment options.
All 3 methods caused patients to lose weight, but 2 were more likely to produce remission in type 2 diabetes.
Pregnant women need clear, transparent information on the costs associated with childbirth so they can derive the most value form the healthcare they receive.
A study published in BMJ measured the prevalence, annual compensation, and beneficial stock ownership of directors from publicly traded healthcare companies who had academic affiliations.
Researchers in China and the United States have developed a predictive model capable of forecasting which patients will account for either small or large proportions of healthcare resource utilization in the next 6 months.
The CHHiP trial found fewer high-dose radiotherapy was as effective as more number of low-dose radiotherapy in men with prostate cancer.
Kevin W. Wildes, SJ, PhD, said that Pope Francis' call for access to healthcare leaves the specifics up to US leaders, as the church does not say that one system is better than another.
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