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Depression affects nearly 350 million people worldwide, but long waiting lines and limited access to services have impeded depression treatment. Only about a quarter of patients in the United States have received any type of psychological therapy in the last year and 1 in 10 UK citizens have been waiting over a year to receive treatment.
A collaborative pilot that includes the California Department of Public Health, is studying whether near–real-time reporting of cancer diagnoses by pathologists will permit providers to make more informed and timely treatment decisions.
What We’re Reading, July 25, 2016: Keeping dementia at bay in the elderly; PhRMA spends more and insurers spend less on lobbying, so far in 2016; and a record-breaking fraud case in Florida.
Critics of the Hospital Compare "Star" ratings ask whether the failure to take patient wealth into account unfairly penalizes hospitals that care for larger numbers of poor patients.
The study confirmed a suspicion that not all beta cells are equal in regulating insulin secretion.
This week in managed care, the Department of Justice filed suit to block 2 health insurance megamergers, a poll found that healthcare is not a top issue with voters, and a study reported that patients with cancer and dementia get better end-of-life care.
The findings highlight what the authors say is ongoing discrimination in payer coverage for substance abuse care, in contrast with other mental health conditions.
In a conference call the morning after a landmark vote, Dexcom's president and CEO said the company will not wait for final FDA approval to start talks with CMS.
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