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The poll surveyed more than 2000 police officers, firefighters, EMTs, lifeguards, and nurses.
JAMA study highlights need for considering patient preferences when choosing between treatment options for prostate cancer.
In a recent blog post, CareMore CEO Sachin Jain, MD, MBA, FACP, and his co-authors wrote that 1 in 5 Americans wants better dental care, but they lack access, often due to finances.
Richard J. Willke, PhD, chief science officer of ISPOR, previews the discussions at the ISPOR 22nd Annual International Meeting, which will be held May 20-24 in Boston, Massachusetts, including topics on the future of health policy in the United States and social networking interventions.
Hospitals in South Carolina that chose to participate in a statewide program implementing a form of the Surgical Safety Checklist developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) saw their death rates after inpatient surgery decrease significantly compared with other hospitals that did not take part, according to a new study.
The approval comes following phase 2 results of 119 patients who participated in the IMvigor210 study.
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