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The proposed cuts would come just as CMS is gearing up to launch the Diabetes Prevention Program in Medicare starting in January 2018. Diabetes accounts for $1 of every $3 spent in Medicare, and CMS has been looking for ways to slow the number of beneficiaries who develop the disease.
The notion of letting Medicare negotiate drug prices has been around for years, but has recently gained new traction under President Donald Trump. Panelists at the ISPOR 22nd Annual International Meeting, held May 20-24 in Boston, Massachusetts, discussed the complexities of allowing Medicare to negotiate prices and whether or not it would produce meaningful savings.
Measure developers have a number of challenges to consider when developing a new measure and getting it implemented, explained Matthew Pickering, PharmD, RPh, associate director of research and quality strategies at the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA).
The drug is now indicated for adult and pediatric patients with unresectable or metastatic microsatellite instability-high or mismatch repair deficient solid tumors that lack suitable alternative treatments or that have progressed on treatment.
Thresholds can be useful to focus the conversation around the value of treatments in healthcare even if stakeholders have different views on what thresholds should be, explained Steve Pearson, MD, MSc, president of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review.
The researchers' hypothesis: improvements in continuous glucose monitoring technology would bring greater quality of life improvements for those with type 1 diabetes, even if they were not using insulin pumps.
A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reports that black Medicare enrollees are less likely to receive colonoscopy from more highly-rated physicians, which could increase their risk for interval colorectal cancer.
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