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The JAMA authors recommend that HHS and the US Department of Agriculture pay attention to DGAC's recommendations on fat intake, which do not include an upper limit on total fat consumption.
NICE has updated and redesigned its guideline to support primary care physicians to recognize the signs and symptoms of 37 different cancers and refer people for the right tests faster.
A more selective use of biomarker testing for patients with breast cancer could save millions of dollars without compromising the care they receive, according to the results of a study published in The American Journal of Surgical Pathology.
Among the 20 chronic conditions with the highest impact on the Medicare population, some have no quality measure, which limits Medicare's ability to pay for value.
There have been numerous attempts to repeal part or all of the Affordable Care Act since it became law, and the Congressional Budget Office admits its estimates on the effect of repealing the law are all subject to “substantial uncertainty.”
When evaluating the cost-effectiveness of 4 different interventions to prevent or reduce childhood obesity, researchers found that the benefit of these interventions surpassed the current clinical interventions to treat obesity.
Concern from Congress about the potential cost of widespread use has kept telehealth from expanding in traditional Medicare. But things are starting to change as ACOs gain the ability to use telehealth, and rule changes allow its use for mental health and other services.
A researcher from the University of Missouri and her team, studied the impact of closure of a large, safety-net agency on it's clients and on smaller agencies to which the clients were referred.