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It’s time to give the people what they want—real action to make pharmaceutical pricing more transparent, rational, and sustainable.
The primary care doctor's involvement in a patient's weight-loss program can significantly improve patient outcomes, a study published in Patient Education & Counseling has found.
The study of Inuit adults found a correlation between cannabis use and lower BMI. The findings are consistent with other results reported this year.
Self-funded employee health benefits are becoming increasingly prevalent as employers seek ways to reduce healthcare expenses, increase plan flexibility, manage risk, and tailor plans to what their workers really want and need.
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has announced the development of another “price” calculator that will help stakeholders assess the relative “value” of available options.
Governor Asa Hutchinson seeks changes to Arkansas' first-of-its-kind Medicaid expansion waiver, which may include workforce training requirements and higher out-of-pocket costs for those newly insured.
An analysis of data available on and 12 state-based exchanges while consumers shopped for plans found that sites should take more steps to better support consumers in making informed health plan decisions.
Alaska Governor Bill Walker (I) announced in July that he would expand Medicaid in his state despite the legislature's decision to block his efforts, and now the Republican-controlled body is suing him.