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Many Americans do not believe there is an association between price and quality in healthcare, according to a study published in Health Affairs.
For optimum utilization of consumer healthcare markets, physicians need to be prepared to help patients navigate out-of-pocket expenses during clinical encounters, researchers found.
Policy solutions were grouped around the themes of transparency, competition, and value. Healthcare heavyweights like Kaiser Permanente, AARP, and the American Hospital Association have signed on to the cause.
Patients diagnosed with advanced renal cell carcinoma, who have received prior treatment with anti-angiogenic agents, now have the option of being treated with the small molecule inhibitor cabozantinib.
It is not surprising that a new study on the relationship between income and longevity in the United States concludes that life expectancy increased with income. However, the study did shed light on the variabilities in the income-longevity relationship.
What we're reading, April 25, 2016: Marilyn Tavenner predicts steep Obamacare insurance premium hikes in 2017; the World Health Organization formally begins looking for its new leader; and the life expectancy between rich and poor young Americans narrows.
While healthcare for retirees once meant repeated trips to the doctor’s office, many are now able to receive high-quality medical services without leaving the comfort of home. And it’s all because of telemedicine.
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