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Matthew Gubens, MD, MS, assistant clinical professor of thoracic oncology at the University of California, San Francisco, discussed the areas of lung immuno-oncology research where he anticipates significant advances will be made in coming years.
In a wide-ranging discussion, panelists at the 12th annual meeting of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance discuss the role of pharmacy benefit managers, the prospects of changes to Medicaid, and how the cloud of uncertainty affects planning decisions.
As the weather heats up, the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women may rise along with the temperature, according to findings from a study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
The former House healthcare expert said that changes are sure to come to the AHCA when the Senate takes up the bill, especially in the Medicaid provisions.
Every year, the week beginning with Mother’s Day is designated as National Women’s Health Week, meant to shine a spotlight on the unique health challenges affecting women in America.
A research study by scientists at Yale and Johns Hopkins has found that surgeons are influenced by their peers when it comes to the use of new imaging technologies.
This week, the top managed care stories included the White House budget director hinting at mandatory drug rebates in Medicare; a global cyberattack locked physicians out of patient records; and the National Diabetes Prevention Program released promising data from the first 4 years.
Following a whistleblower’s assertion that UnitedHealth Group was inflating Medicare diagnoses in order to get more money from the Medicare program, the US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit alleging the company knowingly inflated risk adjustment payments by making beneficiaries seem sicker than they were.
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