Medicaid and CHIP Plans to Cover Autism Services for Children
The CMS directive could mean ABA (applied behavior analysis) coverage, which is quite effective in autistic children.
Using the Internet to Recruit Participants in Personalized Trials
The University of Colorado is trying to recruit patients on the internet for a trial to test ponatinib in a rare form of lung cancer.
DepoVax Technology Proves Effective in NIH-Sponsored Ebola Vaccine Study
The study, conducted in cynomolgus monkeys, explored several candidate vaccines from NIAID's preclinical services program.
University of Alabama Offers eMedicine
The service is aimed to provide the state’s first online service to treat common medical conditions.
Who Pays for Drugs When A Patient Enters Hospice? It’s About to Get Complicated for Part D Plans
Hospice has long been seen as a solution to achieving both quality of care and cost control at the end of life. The arrival of Medicare Part D has raised concerns that some drugs are paid for twice, but efforts to fix the problem will shift some burdens on to Part D plans, according to The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits.
The State of Oregon Sues Oracle
The lawsuit, which was a long time coming, names top executives within Oracle, and claims damages as much as 240 million and penalties as high as $480 million for each allegation of wrongdoing.
ACA May Reduce Refunds
Millions helped by Obama health law may get hit with reduced tax refunds unless they act soon.
Merck's PD-1 Inhibitor May be Approved Earlier Than Anticipated
Pembrolizumab was expected to be approved by October, but the turnaround might be much earlier.
High-Value Providers Beget More Competition, pPayer Pilot Suggests
Access to prices and just a bit of nudging seems to not only help members find the best deals on elective health services like imaging but also spur some competition among providers.
Michigan Blue's Quality Efforts Save Millions
Over a five-year period, five programs sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network to improve the quality of certain medical and surgical procedures performed in Michigan hospitals, have produced $597 million in healthcare cost savings, and have lowered complication and mortality rates for thousands of patients.
Psoriasis May Increase Susceptibility to Cancer
The study presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting evaluated some of the risk factors associated with the skin disease and it's treatment and the incidence of melanoma and lymphoma.
The New Old Age: Part D Gains May Be Eroding
In 2003, when President George W. Bush signed the major Medicare expansion that would establish prescription drug coverage, he called it “a promise, a solemn promise, to America’s seniors.”
Triple-Combo Single Pill for HIV Approved
Triumeq(R), the first-ever single pill triple drug combination against HIV, was approved absed on the results of 2 clinical trials.
US Chief Technology Officer Todd Park Leaving His Post
Todd Park, well-known in healthcare IT circles as a founder of Athenahealth and Castlight Health, is leaving his post as White House chief technology officer by year-end, Fortune is reporting..
Apple, Google Are Jumping Into Health Care. Is Amazon Next?
Apple’s iPhone 6 is just weeks from release and will kick off Apple’s new health care strategy. Google’s working on its own plan to chase the health care market too.
Hospitals Hope for Relief From Two-Midnight Rule Purgatory
The heavily criticized Medicare two-midnights rule involving short inpatient stays has technically been in effect for the past year.
Obama Offers New Accommodations on Birth Control
The Obama administration will offer a new accommodation to religious nonprofits that object to covering birth control for their employees. The measure allows those groups to notify the government, rather than their insurance company, that birth control violates their religious beliefs.
Exercise and Diet Control Can Save Healthcare Costs in Diabetics
The study, published in Diabetes Care, evaluated patients who participated in the NIH-sponsored Look AHEAD program.
Study Points to Lack of Awareness on the BRCA-Ovarian Cancer Relation
75 percent of those at high risk for BRCA mutations have no idea they may have increased chance of ovarian cancer, drawing attention to the importance of genetic counseling.
Some Insurers Refuse To Cover Contraceptives, Despite Health Law Requirement
How much leeway do employers and insurers have in deciding whether they’ll cover contraceptives without charge and in determining which methods make the cut?
3D Printer Generates BiodegradableTargeted Drug Delivery System
An innovative method for using affordable, consumer-grade 3D printers and materials has been developed to fabricate custom medical implants that can contain antibacterial and chemotherapeutic compounds for targeted drug delivery.
ASCO’s Peter Yu, MD, and Priority Health’s Burton VanderLaan, MD, to Give Keynotes at AJMCLive Event
Bringing stakeholders together is the mission of AJMCLive, the meeting series of The American Journal of Managed Care. It’s reflected in the two keynote speakers for Patient-Centered Oncology Care on Nov. 14: a leader of physicians, Peter Yu, MD, the current president of ASCO; and a leader among payers, Burton VanderLaan, MD, FACP, medical director of Priority Health.