Waiting until there's a cancer diagnosis or other crisis is not the time to be taking the family's medical history. Testing companies and genetic counselors encourage families to share information when they are all in one place.
The policy change is aimed at curbing the state's obesity rate as well as comorbidities such as diabetes
This Thanksgiving, as families gather around the table, health and wellness should be a topic of discussion.
What we’re reading, November 25, 2015: UnitedHealthcare's decision on healthcare exchange participation, Democratic Presidential candidate's health plan, and conflict of interest between soda company and anti-obesity research group.
The study was released Thanksgiving week. The Wednesday before the holiday has become one of the most dangerous nights of the year, with the number of violations for driving under the influence higher than Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.
What we're reading, November 25, 2015: hospitals can save money in the long run by preventing hospital-acquired infections with private rooms; Arizona's co-op plans to close December 31; and study finds testing prison inmates for hepatitis C is extremely cost-effective.
Despite changes to the United States healthcare system, Americans’ overall satisfaction with the total cost they pay for healthcare has been stable over the past 14 years, according to a Gallup survey, which also found little changes in satisfaction with healthcare quality and coverage.
What we're reading, November 26, 2015: CMS blog on step-wise transition to value-based care, payer-drug industry alliance on drug pricing, and a new model to override the proposed ACA tax credits.
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