Results from the phase 3 trials will be presented next month at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in New Orleans.
The practical document will be of greatest use to smaller hospitals still building antibiotic stewardship programs from scratch. CDC estimates that drug-resistant bacteria infect 2 million people a year and cause 23,000 deaths.
The largest group of endocrinologists first declared obesity a disease in 2012. Guidelines call for making relief of weight-related complications the first priority, not weight loss per se.
Oncologists at the Mayo Clinic have developed a more aggressive approach to treating patients with pancreatic cancer—combining surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, surgical oncologists have been successful in significantly improving survival in a small number of patients.
A major shift in expenditures by payer type for opioid pain relievers occurred along with a 4-fold increase in overdose deaths from opioids in the United States.
What we're reading, May 25, 2016: Senior citizens are expected to be sicker and more costly than the previous generation; men with early-stage cancer are increasingly choosing to avoid treatment; and the FDA is looking at an implantable treatment for opioid addiction.
Two months after the approval of the first biosimilar to infliximab, another Biologics License Application is now under FDA review.
The smallest overall increase in the MMI in 15 years is masked by the fact that employees are bearing an increasingly large share of healthcare costs.
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