Evidence-Based Oncology
Evidence-Based Oncology
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Kim Farina, PhD
Michael E. Chernew, PhD; Lee N. Newcomer, MD, MHA; and Sandra M. Swain, MD; examine the treatment benefits, cost concerns, and insurance coverage strategies for pertuzumab.
Kim Farina, PhD
Bruce A. Feinberg, DO; James Lang, PharmD, MBA; James Grzegorczyk, MS, RPh; Donna Stark, RPh, MBA; Thomas Rybarczyk, RN, BSN; Thomas Leyden, MBA; Joseph Cooper; Thomas Ruane, MD; Scott Milligan, PhD; Philip Stella, MD; and Jeffrey A. Scott, MD
Marj P. Zimmerman, MS, BSPharm, RPh; and Stanton R. Mehr
Silas Inman
Beth Fand Incollingo
Ben Leach
Stanton R. Mehr
Michael Marlan Mohundro, PharmD; and Brice Labruzzo Mohundro, PharmD
Targeted Therapies to Further Improve Outcomes
Kim Farina, PhD
Linda D. Bosserman, MD, FACP; Diana Verrilli; and Wendy McNatt
John D. Sprandio, MD, FACP
Kim Farina, PhD