The American Journal of Managed Care
October 2011
Richard A. Brook, MS, MBA; Nathan L. Kleinman, PhD; Jun Su, MD, MSc; Patricia K. Corey-Lisle, PhD; and Uchenna H. Iloeje, MD, MPH
Employees with hepatitis C (HCV) who underwent existing treatments had more absences and higher indirect costs than HCVinfected employees who did not undergo treatment.
Yoona A. Kim, PharmD; Aimee Loucks, PharmD; Glenn Yokoyama, PharmD; James Lightwood, PhD; Karen Rascati, PhD; and Seth A. Serxner, PhD, MPH
Retrospective analysis of value-based insurance design (VBID) showed the potential for VBID to improve adherence and reduce utilization and costs with active disease management counseling.
Brian J. Quilliam, PhD; Jason C. Simeone, PhD; A. Burak Ozbay, PhD; and Stephen J. Kogut, PhD
The overall incidence of hypoglycemia was considerable in this large working-age population and was associated with $52 million (2008 dollars) in direct medical costs.
Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA; Ann E. Wiringa, MPH; Elizabeth A. Mitgang; Sarah M. McGlone, MPH; Abena N. Afriyie, BS; Yeohan Song, BS; and Richard H. Beigi, MD, MSc
Routinely screening pregnant women for Staphylococcus aureus colonization and decolonizing carriers before cesarean delivery are unlikely to be cost-effective under current epidemiologic circumstances.
Jonathan D. Campbell, PhD; Felicia Allen-Ramey, PhD; Shiva G. Sajjan, PhD; Eric M. Maiese, PhD; and Sean D. Sullivan, PhD
Even small changes in average copayment for long-term controller asthma medications can result in significant reductions in medication use and increases in healthcare services.