October 2011
Richard A. Brook, MS, MBA; Nathan L. Kleinman, PhD; Jun Su, MD, MSc; Patricia K. Corey-Lisle, PhD; and Uchenna H. Iloeje, MD, MPH
Employees with hepatitis C (HCV) who underwent existing treatments had more absences and higher indirect costs than HCVinfected employees who did not undergo treatment.
Yoona A. Kim, PharmD; Aimee Loucks, PharmD; Glenn Yokoyama, PharmD; James Lightwood, PhD; Karen Rascati, PhD; and Seth A. Serxner, PhD, MPH
Retrospective analysis of value-based insurance design (VBID) showed the potential for VBID to improve adherence and reduce utilization and costs with active disease management counseling.
Brian J. Quilliam, PhD; Jason C. Simeone, PhD; A. Burak Ozbay, PhD; and Stephen J. Kogut, PhD
The overall incidence of hypoglycemia was considerable in this large working-age population and was associated with $52 million (2008 dollars) in direct medical costs.
Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA; Ann E. Wiringa, MPH; Elizabeth A. Mitgang; Sarah M. McGlone, MPH; Abena N. Afriyie, BS; Yeohan Song, BS; and Richard H. Beigi, MD, MSc
Routinely screening pregnant women for Staphylococcus aureus colonization and decolonizing carriers before cesarean delivery are unlikely to be cost-effective under current epidemiologic circumstances.
Jonathan D. Campbell, PhD; Felicia Allen-Ramey, PhD; Shiva G. Sajjan, PhD; Eric M. Maiese, PhD; and Sean D. Sullivan, PhD
Even small changes in average copayment for long-term controller asthma medications can result in significant reductions in medication use and increases in healthcare services.
Web Exclusives
Melea A. Ward, PharmD, MS; and Yihua Xu, PhD
Pharmacist-provided telephonic medication therapy management consultations can lead to decreases in total all-cause healthcare expenditures in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan population.
J. Frank Wharam, MB, BCh, BAO, MPH; Bruce E. Landon, MD, MBA; Fang Zhang, PhD; Stephen B. Soumerai, ScD; and Dennis Ross-Degnan, ScD
High-deductible health plan members had sustained reductions in emergency department visits over 2 years but initial reductions in hospital utilization and costs were not sustained.
Irena Pesis-Katz, PhD; Geoffrey C. Williams, MD, PhD; Christopher P. Niemiec, PhD; and Kevin Fiscella, MD, MPH
An intensive tobacco dependence intervention based on selfdetermination theory that targeted all smokers was cost-effective and facilitated patient autonomy, perceived competence, and long-term tobacco abstinence.
Francois de Brantes, MS, MBA; Amita Rastogi, MD, MHA; and Christina M. Soerensen, MPH
Costs of potentially avoidable complications have significantly more variation than costs of typical care in selected chronic and procedural episodes.
Sue E. Kim, PhD, MPH; Allen J. LeBlanc, PhD; Charles Michalopoulos, PhD; Francisca Azocar, PhD; Evette J. Ludman, PhD; David M. Butler, MA; and Greg E. Simon, MD, MPH
Telephone care management increased mental health service use for Medicaid beneficiaries with depression but did not reduce depression severity. More intensive services may be needed.