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Dexcom's G5 Mobile is the only continuous glucose monitoring system that meets Medicare criteria for coverage. However, details of the coverage rules released this week state that people with diabetes who want coverage cannot use the system with a smartphone app.
The results are consistent with prior surveys by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. The group said CMS has put its 2019 round of bidding on hold, a move it "applauds."
An innovative housing model for seniors that incorporates healthcare within the residential environment contributed to lowered rates of both inpatient hospitalizations and readmissions, according to a recent study.
The delay is partly due to the Inauguration Day executive order than delayed implementing new regulations. But it may also signal a shift in thinking on CMS' approach to bundled payments and who should drive them—doctors or health systems.
Partnering with local nonprofits with expertise in various areas, such as food support, vocational services, and mental health case management, Hennepin Health has been able to successful manage the health of a complex population, explained Ross Owen, health strategy director of Hennepin County.
Coverage from the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session.
Home visits by teams led by registered nurses or lay health workers can reduce costs and utilization of services, such as emergency department visits and hospitalizations, according to a paper published in Health Affairs.
Medicare claims analyses offer insight into how proposed policy changes would affect out-of-pocket prescription costs for Part D beneficiaries requiring specialty drugs.
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