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As the healthcare industry tries to move away from fee-for-service, the new Scorecard being developed by Catalyst for Payment Reform will help states get a better understanding of whether or not new payment models are actually working, explained Linda Schwimmer, CEO and president of the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute.
Catalyst for Payment Reform will use 3 states to pilot new metrics to measure how well healthcare transformation is penetrating individual markets.
There are 2 categories of challenges facing oncology practices as they transition to value-based payment models, said Aaron Lyss, director of value-based care for Tennessee Oncology.
Despite the politics involved in healthcare, it seems unlikely that the industry to going to stop its migration toward more accountability for quality, said Michael Kolodziej, MD, national medical director of managed care strategy at Flatiron Health.
As the healthcare industry moves more toward value-based payments, practices have a real need for data that is usable and can help them succeed in new payment models, Kim Woofter, executive vice president of strategic alliances and practice innovation at the Advanced Centers for Cancer Care, explained at OncoCloud '17, held by Flatiron Health September 16-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
CMS has issued an informal request for information seeking input on a new direction promoting patient-centered care and market-driven reforms for the CMS Innovation Center.
A recent survey conducted by Integra Connect has found that a majority of specialty physicians have not yet invested in operational changes that may be essential for their success under value-based care reimbursement models.
Improving quality of care is important to consider when looking at potential delivery models and programs, said Alicia Berkemeyer, vice president of Enterprise Primary Care and Pharmacy Programs at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
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