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The Hospital-in-Home program implemented at the Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System in Honolulu, Hawaii, is associated with reduced costs with no compromise in quality.
Alicia Berkemeyer, vice president of Enterprise Primary Care and Pharmacy Programs at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, discusses the importance of working with potential competitors through multi-payer initiatives to achieve the best quality of care for patients.
A pair of articles published in JAMA examined the quality of studies used by the FDA to support its accelerated approval decisions and high-risk device modification approvals.
When determining whether new treatments are cost-effective, it is important to understand how a therapy can improve the patient’s quality of life, explained Steve Pearson, MD, MSc, president of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. Not all outcome measures, such as surrogate outcomes, correspond to the quality of life and survival benefits that are important to patients.
According to Zirui Song, MD, PhD, resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, medical education now includes the topics of healthcare quality, accountable care organizations, and other relevant topics in the new world of value-based care. He hopes that educators can motivate future physicians to collaborate towards practicing medicine with a unified, collective vision.
Patients discharged from hospitals may not be fully equipped with the information they need to select a high-quality skilled nursing facility (SNF), according to a new study.
Atopic dermatitis (AD) presents a significant humanistic burden on the quality of life among adult patients. Due to its public health impact and negative symptoms, the development for new and more effective treatments are necessary.
Two clinical-community interventions—enhanced primary care and enhanced primary care with coaching—are capable of improving parent-reported outcomes and a child’s quality of life for childhood obesity.
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