Our Mission at AJMCtv

AJMCtv brings to life the concepts you read about in The American Journal of Managed Care. Our mission comes down to one word: engagement. AJMCtv brings together experts from across the healthcare spectrum -- payers, clinical decision makers, and policy makers. Whether it’s an interview at a conference, a Peer Exchange, or one of our in-depth Panel Discussions, AJMCtv gives you the sense of being there as healthcare leaders sort through scientific advances and hard choices in healthcare coverage. AJMCtv explores study data, payer/provider relationships, and innovative payment models. Through AJMCtv, you will hear how decision-making in healthcare really happens in today’s changing environment. It’s the go-to source for busy healthcare professionals staying abreast of the changes in the market. ​


AJMCtv interviews let you catch up with experts on what's new and important about the changes in healthcare. Where else can a few minutes of your time give you insights from key decision makers - from the clinician, to the health plan leader, to the regulator? AJMCtv interviews give you the close-ups you might not get even if you make it to the conference. When every minute in your day matters, AJMCtv interviews keep you informed.

In Focus

In Focus
In Focus is a video feature that enables viewers to become more familiar with relevant and timely information. This captivating selection is extended to you to provide a forum in which topical content is featured through the power of video.
This weekly video program provides our readers with an in-depth review of the latest policy news, product approvals, and Capitol Hill updates. Hosted by the publishers of The American Journal of Managed Care, our Week in Review is a can’t miss for the busy managed care professional.

Peer Exchange

Peer Exchange
AJMCtv Peer Exchange provides a multi-stakeholder perspective on important issues facing managed care professionals in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Managed Care Cast

Managed Care Cast
Managed Care Cast: A Podcast From The American Journal of Managed Care provides insights from faculty at meetings, features in-depth reports, and offers a new format in which to consume the media offered on

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions
AJMCtv Panel Discussions provide a group of national experts to discuss topics relevant to managed care in a roundtable teleconference format. Our mission is to generate discussion and perspectives among thought-leaders on current issues, which will be of great educational benefit to our managed care audience.
Managed Care Insights is a video editorial series featuring in-depth reports, expert interviews, and feature segments profiling leaders, experts and advocates on a range of important issues and topics. Managed Care Insights provides expert opinions on multiple areas of focus, including breakthrough research, best clinical practices and policy perspectives relevant to our manage care audience.
The interactive tools provided on this page will inform viewers about a selection of healthcare topics. These featured webinars and roundtables are useful for those stakeholders most interested in increasing their knowledge about the transforming healthcare landscape. The American Journal of Managed Care finds that these tools can be a useful educational resource.
AJMC is proud to bring you our complimentary industry Outlook webinar series to keep you abreast of the latest changes, opportunities and trends in the managed care segment. Each month, AJMC and its strategic partners will offer a one-hour educational webinar on topics of value and relevance to the the pharmaceutical marketer.
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