One leading expert called the proposal the most substantive change in decades, but some feared CMS is once again hastening the demise of the independent physician.
The study team previously published research that linked diabetes to elevated rates of certain cancers.
The rule creates the first public reporting system of quality for Medicaid managed care plans.
Policy solutions were grouped around the themes of transparency, competition, and value. Healthcare heavyweights like Kaiser Permanente, AARP, and the American Hospital Association have signed on to the cause.
The state's first-in-the-nation waiver to Medicaid seemed endangered in late 2014, but Governor Asa Hutchinson decided keeping people insured was worth it.
The American Hospital Association is among those asking for a rating system that reflects socioeconomic differences in hospital populations.
The charges filed today are "only the beginning," according to Michigan's attorney general. Months of denial from state officials gave way when a pediatrician produced results showing elevated lead levels in children's blood.
UnitedHealth Group started the year in 34 insurance exchanges, but that number will be a lot less come 2017. CEO Stephen Hemsley announced that the company will only participate in a "handful" of Affordable Care Act exchanges next year.
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