Data sharing in precision medicine has not been without controversy. Some genetic testing companies say security on public databases is less than stellar, giving them a reason to decline sharing their information warehouses.
The practical document will be of greatest use to smaller hospitals still building antibiotic stewardship programs from scratch. CDC estimates that drug-resistant bacteria infect 2 million people a year and cause 23,000 deaths.
The smallest overall increase in the MMI in 15 years is masked by the fact that employees are bearing an increasingly large share of healthcare costs.
The updated label reflects research that shows how hard it is to consume key nutrients and maintain calorie limits in a diet overwhelmed by sugar. The label will be a legacy of First Lady Michelle Obama's focus on better nutrition to combat childhood obesity.
The sequence of events that led to Thursday's complaint points to a coordinated effort to challenge Myriad Genetics' long-held position that it does not share information on public databases.
The online system allows providers in the field to match unidentified microbes with CDC's pathogen library in a matter of hours. In the past, it could take up to a week to make a positive identification.
Governor Mary Fallin's proposal to embrace Medicaid expansion and fund the state share with a cigarette tax comes nearly a year after HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell made an explicit appeal to work with governors in conservative states.
Officials are using innovative methods like automatically enrolling beneficiaries based on their eligibility for foods stamps, and adding a large group that takes part in an existing New Orleans-area health project but currently lacks prescription drug coverage.
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