Using surgery to promote weight loss and improve health is associated with improve mortality. This study sought information on whether survival benefits extended to patients at higher ages.
Mexico is the perfect example of how Coke and Pepsi are investing heavily in the next generation of soda drinkers, and the country has the highest rates of obesity in the world.
The ads will be targeted at about 7000 "influencers" including lawmakers who could control whether drug prices are regulated. Many have called for Medicare to gain the right to negotiate drug prices.
The authors note that not only are insulin costs making type 1 diabetes deadly in the poorest nations; high costs are the leading reason for diabetic ketoacidosis in the inner cities in the United States.
Polling finds that most Americans have not had to switch doctors, but past polling has found that being able to see a doctor of their choice is very important to consumers.
Researchers from the Urban Institute find UnitedHealth's statements about leaving the exchanges at odds with recent actions.
Coordinating mental health and treatment of chronic disease has gained traction since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.
Medication adherence among patients with chronic conditions is estimated to cost $100 billion in North America.
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