How Will Managed Care Implement the New $40 CMS Coordination Fee?
Authors in the New England Journal of Medicine discuss the prospects and pitfalls of implementing a new CMS fee for physicians who coordinate care for Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions.
ACO Coalition Looks at Managed Care Tools to Help Employers, Promote Patient Engagement
The ACO and Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition, an initiative of The American Journal of Managed Care, held its most recent WebEx session this week. Participants discussed new strategies and technologies that both employers and healthcare organizations can use to get patients to take ownership over their own care.
CMS’ New Chief Data Officer Part of Transparency Fix
Amid last week's news that CMS had miscalculated the number of enrollees under the Affordable Care Act was a quieter announcement that the agency had appointed a chief data office to improve transparency, among other tasks.
Another Unforced Error Rattles ACA Year 2 Open Enrollment
The disclosure that a calculation error caused the Obama administration to add an extra 400,000 people to ACA enrollment figures for months puts a dent in the 2015 open enrollment, in part because it fits a narrative of a lack of transparency for reporters who cover the administration.
CDC Data Show How Managed Care Missed Opportunities With New Diabetes Cases
A new study shows only a small share of patients with private insurance who were newly diagnosed with diabetes in 2011-2012 enrolled in self-management training, raising questions about how well managed care could address both long-term health and cost control for this important group. These patients are a target for special attention under the ACA.
Health Apps Abound With Wellness Programs—Are Patients Engaged?
Employee wellness programs are now being supported by apps developed by technology giants like Google and Apple. But are they really helping keep patients engaged and on-track with their health goals?
New Data for Vectra DA Test in Rheumatoid Arthritis Presented at ACR
Results presented today at the American College of Rheumatology in Boston show that a 12-biomarker test did a better job of predicting radiographic progression in patients with RA. The study demonstrates how biomarkers are becoming important in managed care outside of cancer treatment.
Great American Smokeout Takes Aim at Young Tobacco Users
Thursday is the Great American Smokeout, an event founded on this date in California in 1976. This year, the event comes amid the 50th anniversary celebration of the report to the US Surgeon General that started public health efforts to curb tobacco use.
Some Glitches Reported, But Year 2 of ACA Enrollment Seems Off to a Smoother Start
After last year's disastrous start, the first day of open enrollment in year 2 of the Affordable Care Act had fewer hiccups. HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathew Burwell was reporting success from this weekend.
Managed Care Audience Hears ASCO’s Peter Yu, MD, Describe Value-Based Efforts
Peter Yu, MD, president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, (ASCO) discussed the organization's efforts throughout 2014 to reform reimbursement and take on issues of value and quality in cancer care during Patient-Centered Oncology Care, the annual gathering sponsored by The American Journal of Managed Care.