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Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield's annual Patient-Centered Summit covered efforts by the state to expand naloxone access, provide peer support for those rescued from an opioid overdose, and the insurer's prevention practices.
The effort to reach young adults will allow them to shop for coverage entirely on mobile digital technology. But an economist interviewed earlier this month says it might not be enough.
A series of papers in The Lancet highlights how city planning and urban design can prevent chronic diseases and create healthier and more sustainable cities.
Reports from the RAND Corporation, paid for by The Commonwealth Fund, portray starkly different results from the healthcare plans offered by the candidates for president.
A report finds that access to buprenorphine in Medicaid varies widely depending on where patients live. It's the latest example of the lack of mental health parity that former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy confronts in his long quest for equity in care.
While declining smoking rates have caused cardiovascular disease to decline overall, some risk factors are rising, such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.
The dispute between the ACLU and Colorado Medicaid has been seen in other states and with other payers. Policy questions on treatment for hepatitis C virus were examined in a special issue of The American Journal of Managed Care.
The Bloomberg American Health Initiative would cover research on obesity, gun violence, environmental threats, adolescent health, and drug addiction.
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