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The study in JAMA represents the largest effort to date to integrate mental health and primary care services across a health system and measure both clinical outcomes and savings.
While Mylan has steadily increased the price of EpiPens since 2007, the uproar from consumers is more recent. This suggests that for several years, payers masked the cost of the product, but that has changed with the popularity of high deductible plans.
Governor Phil Bryant's opposition to expansion contrasts with his public support for other healthcare initiatives, such as a new diabetes research center and telehealth research.
A $245 million priority review voucher is essentially wasted, not over the therapy, but the delivery device.
Questions about hospitals or their foundations paying for premiums of sick patients to keep them out of Medicaid are as old as the exchanges themselves.
The findings suggest that the improved glycemic control that often comes with bariatric surgery may have a role in affecting the brain's response to food.
Researchers found that drug prices would need to be less than one-third of their current retail value to be cost-effective.
Another large insurer says it can't sustain losses from people who were sicker than anyone imagined. Leaving unprofitable markets doesn't answer the question of how to pay for their care.
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