The ruling will most likely be appealed by the government. The ACA requires coverage for contraception as a preventive service.
Quality may be getting better, but the GAO was not pleased that the VA did not have a handle on the drop-off in evaluations.
Both ExpressScripts and CVS Health say the new class of cholesterol-fighting drugs will be generally unavailable until their P&T committees complete evaluations, and negotiations for discounts or exclusive deals occur.
Both surveys and peer-reviewed research show patients like telehealth services. CVS' announcement comes after a successful pilot program showed a collaboration of telehealth and the retail clinics produced good results for patients.
The results for 2014, which was Year 3 of the program, revealed winners and losers and showed that ACOs may not be the only solution to hold down the cost of healthcare.
A recent study found that residents' PTSD is affected by the lack of social supports that existed even before the hurricane devastated the city on August 29, 2005. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other ailments are common, but psychiatrists and in-patient facilities are not.
Governor Asa Hutchinson seeks changes to Arkansas' first-of-its-kind Medicaid expansion waiver, which may include workforce training requirements and higher out-of-pocket costs for those newly insured.
Governor Robert Bentley is calling out fellow Republicans in Alabama's legislature and asking what they would cut if they fail to pass his $300 million tax proposal. His state has some of the nation's highest rates of diabetes and obesity.