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Challenges outlined by healthcare experts back in 2010 are coming to pass, as young adults do not see the current penalties for going without coverage as enough incentive to become insured.
A year after its high-profile arrival in New Jersey, Horizon's OMNIA plan will give most enrollees premium increases of 5% to 6%—far less than the 25% average increase announced in a report from HHS.
Lawmakers have been working on the problem of what to do about out-of-network bills that result from emergency room care for more than a year.
A study of heavy drinkers found that those who drank coffee regularly were less than half as likely to develop alcoholic hepatitis. A certain genotype was also found to be a significant protective factor.
The assessment comes after HHS has put months of effort into attracting young, uninsured adults, including those who have previously paid a penalty for not being insured and those who are likely eligible for financial assistance.
The findings in Diabetologia separate the effects of activity from diet and other behaviors across 23 studies covering more than 1 million people.
The findings of a poll of emergency department physicians were presented at American College of Emergency Physicians' annual Scientific Assembly, which is meeting in Las Vegas.
The initiative comes as consumers move away from soda toward healthier beverages. Pepsi, in particular, has seen declining sales, and voters in several US cities will decide on soda taxes on November 8, 2016.
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