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An appellate panel found that a group of hospitals could not have information that Horizon withheld during discovery in 2 breach of contract suits related to its OMNIA tiered health plan. An attorney for 1 group of those hospitals said it will appeal because consumers and providers need to know how the tiered health network was created.
House Speaker Paul Ryan said the policy outline represents the first consensus among his conference to replace "Obamacare," which the document says has not worked because it has limited choice, increased consumer costs, and created new regulatory burdens for employers.
The Supreme Court ruled to uphold a new process for challenging patents that the pharmaceutical industry was hoping would be struck down. Generic drug companies and health insurance plans supported the new rule, which could help lower prices.
Groups seeking grants under the new program must show how they can train small practices without charging the doctors or their practices.
An executive summary of the report on the PAN Foundation roundtable, presented with The American Journal of Managed Care, discussed the shift from the problem of the "uninsured" to the "underinsured."
Medicaid payments to hospitals comprise a large portion of a hospital’s finances; however, policy changes occurring under the Affordable Care Act may have several implications on the way hospitals receive payments from Medicaid.
Prescription drug monitoring programs have been associated with a decreased number of written prescriptions for the highly-addictive and most recently abused drug.
A new analysis from The Commonwealth Fund has found that the Cadillac tax will likely be more progressive than initially thought.
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