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In a conference call the morning after a landmark vote, Dexcom's president and CEO said the company will not wait for final FDA approval to start talks with CMS.
There are signs that smaller providers, in particular, are not moving toward value-based reimbursement at the same pace as larger healthcare stakeholders.
AstraZeneca is trying to invoke the Orphan Drug Act to protect its blockbuster, on the grounds it is approved to treat a rare pediatric condition.
The study found that the mortality risk for poor black men, relative to similar white men, persisted even when taking factors like education, employment, and marital status into account.
The most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll was conducted during an exceptionally violent week. Concerns about terrorism and gun policy outranked jobs and the economy and healthcare as voter priorities.
Acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt told the Senate Finance Committee there are concerns that some primary care practices will not be ready for the targeted January 1, 2017, start date.
The study of 3.9 million adults culled data from 189 studies; participants were non-smokers who had no known chronic disease and lived at least 5 years to be included in the analysis.
The president predicts that in 20 years, the nation will look back on "Obamacare" as a moment of courage that has improved people's lives.
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