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Evidence-Based Diabetes Management September 2017

After 20 Years of Watching Diabetes Tech, Kliff Eyes Smart Insulin Pens, CGM for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Andrew Smith
An experienced market watcher who has diabetes predicts the key to success will come down to one factor: ease of use.
KLIFF: This isn’t just for people with T1D. Monitors have already gotten to the point that they probably make sense for people with T2D, and if they’re not there yet, then they certainly will be by the next generation, which, in addition to its other advantages, should be cheaper than the current generation.

The same data that can tell doctors whether type 1 patients do or don’t comply with their treatment protocols can tell doctors whether type 2 patients are complying with their treatment protocols. It doesn’t matter whether the medication is insulin or something else. The data will show an experienced eye when patients take medicine. It will also give doctors more data than they’ve ever had about how narrow a range of blood sugar each individual patient can maintain with any protocol, and that will give doctors more feedback and more ability to fine tune than they have ever had before.

All CGM makers want to expand to the type 2 market because it is so much bigger. Really, all companies that can conceivably make their products helpful for type 2 patients will make such patients a priority. It’s simple math.


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