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Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, PhD
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AJMC®tv Interviews, December 2017
Produced by Laura Joszt and The Center for Biosimilars®

AJMC®tv Interviews, December 2017

Produced by Laura Joszt and The Center for Biosimilars®
AJMC®TV interviews let you catch up on what’s new and important about changes in healthcare, with insights from key decision makers—from the clinician, to the health plan leader, to the regulator. When every minute in your day matters, AJMC®TV interviews keep you informed. Access the video clips at ajmc.com/interviews.
as next-generation sequencing testing. The more that we have details of the patient and specific requirements for each protocol, such as a specific biomarker and finding that out in the patient’s biomarker testing and those 2 things can be linked up—that’s going to be specific to disease areas like oncology and rare disease. So, I think that’s one place where trials have been particularly tough. It’s sort of this rare patient finding, the needle-in-the-haystack problem, that is pretty unique to oncology.

Another place that is particularly hard within oncology is that the standard of care is rapidly changing, and so clinical trials that have control arms that reflect standard of care from yesteryear, that’s not going to work for us in oncology. I can’t afford to take care of my patient and my patient can’t afford for me to take care of him or her using old fashioned treatments. Being able to design clinical trials in oncology that either use data and data-informed standard of care so that it’s as contemporary as possible and perhaps doesn’t even need to expose this particular patient to that kind of standard of care, but rather just the novel treatments, are the kinds of things they need in oncology.

Documenting When a Patient Falls Outside a Recommended Pathway

Documenting when a patient falls outside of a recommended pathway has the dual benefits of improving the algorithm and helping a provider get reimbursed faster, explained Torrie K. Shields, MPH, senior program manager of Palliative Care Program Design & Implementation for Blue Shield of California.

How does digital data help when a patient falls outside of a recommended pathway?

When a patient falls outside of that pathway, the rst thing is making sure it’s documented why you made a di erence choice. That can feed back into the algorithm that helps people better understand what types of patients respond to what types of treatment, and it could essentially create a new pathway, and a more nuanced focus on personalized medicine. So, we’re able to feed data back in when we are able to document somebody falling outside that.

It helps a provider in terms of audit, or in explaining to a payer, a nancier, about why they went outside of that pathway, and that creates a dialogue that really focuses on change or quality improvement, rather than on incentives and mandates. When a payer, especially when we’re moving to value-based payment, knows why somebody went outside of a pathway, they’re able to look at it di erently and assess and respond and pay/reimburse faster.

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