The American Journal of Managed Care | October 2013


Findings indicate that patients using mail order pharmacies had significantly better adherence to antidiabetics, antihypertensives, and antihyperlipidemics than patients who used the retail dispensing channel.
The disparities in survival among node-positive breast cancer patients of African American and Hispanic heritage are not explained by nodal surgery utilization.


We discuss our concerns about tying physician performance to CG-CAHPS scores and suggest an alternative approach to facilitate translation of service excellence into clinical practice.


This study identified inefficiencies in drug and medical service utilization related to pain management among Medicare members with osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain.
Promoting domestic medical travel to high-quality providers could improve clinical outcomes and reduce long-term healthcare costs.


We assessed physicians' capability to electronically share clinical information with other providers and describe variation in exchange capability across states and electronic health record vendors.


Physician assistants work in a broad range of health services and improve organizational efficiency through team-based care.
This study investigated healthcare quality, utilization, and costs among patients with common chronic illnesses in a patient-centered medical home prototype redesign.
Primary care providers utilize many strategies for prioritizing preventive care during time-constrained clinical encounters, in addition to being prompted by clinical reminders.
The Performance Measurement for People with Multiple Chronic Conditions conceptual model can facilitate development and refinement of quality measures for a medically complex population.

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