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The American Journal of Managed Care October 2015
Scalable Hospital at Home With Virtual Physician Visits: Pilot Study
Wm. Thomas Summerfelt, PhD; Suela Sulo, PhD; Adriane Robinson, RN; David Chess, MD; and Kate Catanzano, ACNP-BC
Health Coaching by Medical Assistants Improves Patients' Chronic Care Experience
David H. Thom, MD, PhD, MPH; Danielle Hessler, PhD; Rachel Willard-Grace, MPH; Denise DeVore, BA; Camille Prado, BA; Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, MPH; and Ellen H. Chen, MD
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The Path to Value Through the Use of Holistic Care
Roy A. Beveridge, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Humana
Medication Adherence and Healthcare Disparities: Impact of Statin Co-Payment Reduction
Jennifer Lewey, MD; William H. Shrank, MD, MSHS; Jerry Avorn, MD; Jun Liu, MD, MPH; and Niteesh K. Choudhry, MD, PhD
Integrated Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care and Rehospitalization of Dual Eligibles
Hye-Young Jung, PhD; Amal N. Trivedi, MD, MPH; David C. Grabowski, PhD; and Vincent Mor, PhD
Solutions for Filling Gaps in Accountable Care Measure Sets
Tom Valuck, MD, JD, MHSA; Donna Dugan, PhD, MS; Robert W. Dubois, MD, PhD; Kimberly Westrich, MA; Jerry Penso, MD, MBA; and Mark McClellan, MD, PhD
The Impact of Kaua'i Care Transition Intervention on Hospital Readmission Rates
Fenfang Li, PhD; Jing Guo, PhD; Audrey Suga-Nakagawa, MPH; Ludvina K. Takahashi, BA; and June Renaud, BEd
Are Chronically Ill Patients High Users of Homecare Services in Canada?
Donna M. Wilson, PhD, RN; Corrine D. Truman, PhD, RN; Jessica A. Hewitt, BScKin; and Charl Els, MBChB, FCPsych, MMedPsych, ABAM, MROCC
Request of Acute Phase Markers in Primary Care in Spain
Maria Salinas, PhD; Maite López-Garrigós, MD; Emilio Flores, PhD; Joaquin Uris, PhD; and Carlos Leiva-Salinas, MD
Antibiotic Use for Viral Acute Respiratory Tract Infections Remains Common
Mark H. Ebell, MD, MS; and Taylor Radke, MPH
Clinician Considerations When Selecting High-Risk Patients for Care Management
Vivian Haime, BS; Clemens Hong, MD, MPH; Laura Mandel, BA; Namita Mohta, MD; Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc; Timothy G. Ferris, MD, MPH; and Christine Vogeli, PhD
"Meaningful" Clinical Quality Measures for Primary Care Physicians
Cara B. Litvin, MD, MS; Steven M. Ornstein, MD; Andrea M. Wessell, PharmD; and Lynne S. Nemeth, RN, PhD

The Path to Value Through the Use of Holistic Care

Roy A. Beveridge, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Humana
An analysis of the healthcare industry shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement and how this change creates a more holistic approach to patient care.
The Holistic Approach
This holistic approach can only be achieved through personalized care, effective provider partnerships and a high level of member engagement. Data analytics is a critical element; in the past, health plans have been criticized as an obstruction to the physician–patient relationship. Now, health plans not only have the necessary data that primary care physicians need for the holistic approach, but also the data analytics necessary to work together to help close gaps in care.
In our experience with 43,000 providers and physicians in value-based MA relationships, we’ve found that when physicians use a holistic approach to care and are reimbursed for value, the results are better health outcomes and higher quality, with improvements in costs for us all.
The Future Is Bright
Helping people become healthier is not a slogan; it’s the best business model. The healthier our population becomes, the more healthcare costs reduce, and that is great for society.
At Humana, we’re working to improve the health of the communities we serve by 20% by 2020. As a physician, this goal appeals to me personally because physicians would rather spend their time keeping patients healthy than on administrative matters.
Providers and physicians have gone to medical school, nursing school, and pharmaceutical school to learn how to take care of patients, so we need to enable our clinicians to focus on what they do best: using their clinical acumen to render high-quality care. Building out the clinical capabilities they need to deliver the holistic approach to care that’s necessary in a value-based model will achieve critical alignment among health plans, providers, physicians, and patients.
Twenty years ago, AJMC took the first steps by shedding light on the importance of the value-based model. The time has come for us to band together to show the rest of the country the future of healthcare in the new century.

Author Affiliation: Chief Medical Officer, Humana, Louisville, KY.

Source of Funding: None.

Author Disclosures: Dr Beveridge is an employee and stockholder of Humana.

Authorship Information: Concept and design; drafting of the manuscript; critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content; administrative, technological, or logistical support; supervision.

Address correspondence to: Roy A. Beveridge, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Humana, 500 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202. E-mail: 
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