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Early sign-ups are strong under ACA; new food safety rules become final; report finds poor access to HIV drugs.
As the healthcare industry positions itself for the change to value-based care, there needs to be a widespread change in terms of collaboration between physicians, hospitals, and payers.
St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick won the right to a hearing, where New Jersey's largest insurer will have to say why the Catholic hospital was not included in a preferred network set up alongside a major population health initiative.
According to the CDC, while smoking rates are seeing a steady decline, rates for uninsured and adults on Medicaid are more than twice those for adults with private health insurance.
The scandal-plagued VA gave performance-based bonuses of over $140 million in 2014.
The government is leading the charge toward value-based care and no matter how slowly, everyone else will follow, said Jacque Sokolov, MD, chairman and CEO of SSB Solutions, during the opening keynote presentation at the Fall Managed Care Forum 2015.
Diet and perceptions change with supermarket introduction in a “food desert,” but not because of supermarket use.
A study in The European Journal of Public Health finds conversation on preventive vaccination against HPV can motivate participation in preventive screening for cervical cancer.
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