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This week, the top managed care stories included the FDA's approval of rival combination therapies for type 2 diabetes, the American Medical Association issued mHealth guidelines, and a study found the dementia rate declining.
At the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, moderator Bruce Feinberg, DO, was joined by a care provider, a payer, and a community oncology representative to discuss efforts that maintain the patient at the core of payment models.
What we're reading, November 23, 2016: Alaska has a novel plan to hold down insurance premiums; MedPAC's executive director discusses continuation of value efforts; and new findings regarding microcephaly in Zika-infected babies.
While smoking has long been known to aggravate diabetes, the new study shows just how deadly the habit is for those with the chronic condition.
Scientists compared genomes of more than 20,000 people with schizophrenia and 20,000 without the mental disorder to uncover the variants associated with the disease.
The 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® (PCOC) meeting, hosted by The American Journal of Managed Care, November 17-18, in Baltimore, Maryland, concluded with a panel discussion on the future of oncology care in 2017. The panelists concurred that value-based payment is here to stay despite the imminent changes in healthcare.
At the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting, Roy Beveridge, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Humana, walked the audience through the healthcare world’s transition to value-based care and explained why payers have faith in this transition.
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