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A JAMA Internal Medicine study found the terms “breakthrough” and “promising” raised people’s expectations on the drug’s performance as opposed to when the drugs were described as having met the breakthrough criteria.
Screening in a primary care setting may help managed care plans avoid long-term costs of complications of type 2 diabetes.
Hillary Clinton unveiled a plan in Iowa that features a $250 per month cap on drug costs for patients with chronic conditions. This comes 2 weeks after her chief rival for the Democratic nomination, US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, introduced a bill aimed at reining in drug costs. In the summer, The American Journal of Managed Care said polling showed that rising drug costs were poised to become a major issue in the 2016 campaign.
A 3-year study of 200,000 Cigna customers has revealed just how expensive correctable health conditions can be and not knowing what health conditions they have can cost consumers even more.
A white paper released by QuantiaMD has identified a lack of awareness and education about biosimilars among prescribing physicians.
The federal government intends to modernize the US health information technology (IT) infrastructure so patients, providers, and communities can achieve health and wellness goals.
Lonsurf (TAS-102) is an oral 2-drug combination pill that is intended for metastatic colorectal cancer patients who have failed on chemotherapy and biological therapy.
The research could hold the key to a novel treatment for type 2 diabetes, although it will take years to adapt the idea to clinical practice.
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