Urine Test Could Diagnose Prostate Cancer
The identification of specific RNA molecules in the urine of individuals with prostate cancer raises hope for a non-invasive test for the disease.
Financial Results Reveal Why ACOs Left Pioneer Program
CMS released financial results from the first 2 years of the Pioneer ACO program. The program is down to 19 accountable care organizations from the original 32 that started the program, and the financial results reveal why those that dropped out did so.
Collaboration Will Help Match the Right Patient With the Right Trial
The collaboration between med fusion and GenomOncology promises improved outcomes in personalized cancer trials.
Growing Expectations for Interoperability and Healthcare Data Sharing
Over the last decade, all 5 national coordinators for health information technology have discussed the importance of connecting healthcare data, but the timing is finally right now, according to Karen B. DeSalvo, MD.
Turning Big Data into Actionable Wisdom
Although people seem to assume Big Data will answer all questions and improve quality of care while increasing efficiencies, the healthcare industry needs to focus on what data is actually actionable, according to John Halamka, MD, chief information officer at Beth Israel Deaconess.
AJMC Panel Explores Immuno-Oncology, and What Making Cancer a Chronic Condition Means for Payers
Immuno-oncology, in which the patient’s own immune system is engaged to fight cancer, has shown potential but also presents challenges, including the cost of treatment. Last month, The American Journal of Managed Care convened an expert panel to discuss the value of current therapies and how payers make policy calls
Genentech Faces Backlash Following Onco-Specialty Decision
Having decided to restrict the distribution of 3 of its top-selling oncology medications, Avastin, Rituxan, and Herceptin only through specialty pharmacies, Genentech is witnessing protests in various forms from healthcare centers.
Cancer and Mental Health
Results of a large study performed across cancer centers in Germany, published online October 6, 2014 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, show that 32% of people with cancer experienced some form of clinically relevant mental health challenge, such as anxiety, depressive and adjustment disorders.
Integrated Pharmacy Benefits Have Significant Cost Savings
Including pharmacy benefits as part of an employer’s total health insurance benefit package has clear health benefits and cost savings, according to a study from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Prime Therapeutics, LLC.
Pioneer Accountable Care Organization: A Surprise Moneysaver
Nationwide, Pioneer ACOs saved the government $96 million last year, compared with $87.6 million in 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said last month.
In The Literature: TNF-α Antagonists in RA Patients Reduces Cancer Risk
A Taiwan study found a significantly reduced risk of cancer among RA patients on biologics.
BMS to Collaborate with Novartis to Test Nivolumab in NSCLC
Combining nivolumab, an immuno-oncology molecule, with 1 of 3 targeted agents from Novartis is expected to improve patient response in NSCLC.
Study Identifies Lapses in Safe Chemotherapy Administration
Chemotherapy drugs, which could be poisons, can result in adverse health outcomes in healthcare workers who administer them to patients without adequate safety measures.
Readmission Rate Fines Increase in Year 3 of Medicare Program
During the third year of the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, CMS will penalize more hospitals than it did during the second and third years of the program; however, the overall readmission rate for Medicare beneficiaries is down.
Mitochondrial Uncoupling: A New Approach to Treat Diabetes
A new research study from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School showed that niclosamide ethanolamine salt (NEN) can burn the excess fat in the liver cells of mice through a process known as mitochondrial uncoupling. Fat accumulation in the liver is a typical characteristic of diabetic patients.
Vosaroxin Fails in Phase 3 AML Trials in the Elderly
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals announced the failure of a phase 3 study Monday morning. The company's experimental drug vosaroxin did not extend survival of elderly patients with advanced acute myeloid leukemia compared to a placebo.
Concerns About Complex Cases Prompt Delay in New Hampshire Medicaid Managed Care
The next phase of New Hampshire’s plan to bring managed care to the state’s Medicaid program will not go into effect on January 1, 2015, as planned, due in part to concerns about the ability to ensure smooth transitions for those with complex medical cases to receive uninterrupted care.
CDC Data Show Spike in Heroin Overdose Deaths; Researchers Explore Tie to Opioid Abuse
Deaths from overdoses on heroin rose in 28 states with just over half the nation’s population from 2010 to 2012, but deaths from overdoses on prescription opioid pain relievers fell slightly during that period.
Value Discussion Reemerges at NICE: Roche's Gazyvaro Rejected
Following Kadcyla, NICE has now rejected another drug from Roche: Gazyvaro for CLL, citing ambiguities in the company's filing and the high cost.
Literature: Germline BRCA Mutations Increase Susceptibility to Salivary Gland Cancer
The study, published online in JAMA Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, found a significant increase in the rate of head and neck cancers in individuals carrying a BRCA mutation.
Ambiguous Mammograms: An Emotional and Financial Burden
A study published in a supplement to the Journal of Women's Health looks to the widespread impact of newer screening technologies to improve outcomes.
ASCO Provides Input on CMMI's
ASCO has been working in parallel with various other institutions to generate a patient-centered oncology payment reform model.
Balancing Drug Breakthroughs with Rising Drug Costs
Hepatitis C and the price of Sovaldi were, understandably, the main focus of aconversation on rising prescription drug prices at the America’s Health Insurance Plans’ National Conferences on Medicare and Medicaid, and Dual Eligibles Summit in Washington, DC.
AHIMA’s Information Governance Framework Addresses Current Healthcare Challenges
A new information governance framework of 8 principles from the American Health Information Management Association aims to help meet the patient care, safety, and operational goals of healthcare organizations.
Ariad's Investigational NSCLC Drug: Breakthrough by FDA
The molecule is being evaluated in crizotinib-resistant ALK-positive NSCLC patients. The results from the phase 1/2 trial with AP26113 were presented at the 2014 European Cancer Congress.