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While there are concerns that America is losing the war with obesity, there are other signs, like the City of Philadelphia's successful implementation of a beverage tax.
Researchers have identified another high associated with marijuana use: the risk of heart failure and cerebrovascular accidents.
Several medical interest groups have raised their opposition to the new Republican plan drafted to replace the Affordable Care Act.
During a speech at America’s Health Insurance Plans’ National Health Policy Conference, held March 8-9 in Washington, DC, Newt Gingrich, former House speaker, ran through the hurdles Republicans will face in order to get the American Health Care Act passed.
The current bill faces opposition from groups as varied as the American Medical Association and the AARP.
The researchers found that the shares of Americans who weighed too much rose over time, but the share who were trying to lose weight did not.
As Republicans in Congress move to scale back Medicaid, a New Jersey healthcare quality group lays out a blueprint to move forward with reform while saving money.
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