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A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that older women with breast cancer have a poor response to chemotherapy, while older patients with advanced colon cancer (both men and women) did well.
After months of waiting, reimbursement for the Prolaris test will begin effective October 15, 2015.
Aledade, launched by former national coordinator for health information technology Farzard Mostashari, MD, is looking to expand its footprint throughout the United States to another 7 states in 2016.
Although the Affordable Care Act has helped many uninsured Americans receive coverage over the last couple years, the health law is essentially underfunded by approximately $500 billion.
Research published in the Journal of Oncology Practice found that factors unrelated to the individual patient accounted for the majority of variation in the cost of radiation therapy for breast, prostate, and lung cancer patients.
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 prevents questions about status from being asked, and does not require a woman to disclose her pregnancy in an interview.
There is a quiet revolution happening among health plans. Mothers and fathers who work for health insurance companies—and who had the support of a doula at the time of childbirth—are beginning to inquire about expanding benefits to include coverage for this evidence-based service.
Medicare and Medicaid billing fraud scams—upcoding and unbundling schemes, double and triple billing, phantom billing and illegal kickback schemes —cost the United States an estimated $100 billion annually, inflating the size of government, escalating healthcare costs and burdening taxpayers.