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For African Americans in poor Mississippi counties, having diabetes and kidney disease in combination lead to cardiovascular death rates that were on par with underdeveloped nations.
Although physiologic vital signs tell healthcare providers a great deal about their patients’ health status, providers need, but don’t have ready access to, information about their patients’ neighborhoods.
This week's takedown shows that the fraud prevention and enforcement efforts that began nearly a decade ago are bearing fruit, including the change to predictive modeling to spot suspicious billing in Medicare.
Exposure of patients to the dangers of certain diagnostic equipment can have unwanted long-term effects, which healthcare providers may be underestimating, according to research conducted at the University of Saskatchewan.
What we're reading, June 24, 2016: Britain's decision to leave the European Union will impact drug regulation; Supreme Court decision derails California proposal to allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance; and lawmakers look to reduce exclusivity period for biologics.
HHS and the Department of Justice announced a nationwide sweep led by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force resulting in charges against 301 individuals for their alleged participation in healthcare fraud schemes involving $900 million in false billings.
An appellate panel found that a group of hospitals could not have information that Horizon withheld during discovery in 2 breach of contract suits related to its OMNIA tiered health plan. An attorney for 1 group of those hospitals said it will appeal because consumers and providers need to know how the tiered health network was created.
A report developed by Avalere Health, based on a survey that the company conducted among health plans in 2015, states that a majority of health plans want to sign outcomes-based contracts with biopharmaceutical companies, especially for oncology and hepatitis C drugs.
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