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Earlier this month, the FDA took steps to prevent the online sale of counterfeit and illegal medicinal products, which can be a significant health risk to the population.
The fact that a small percentage of the population accounts for roughly half of healthcare spending in the United States is not new information. Now a new white paper from the Health Care Transformation Task Force has taken a look at what healthcare systems can do to identify these individuals in order to better manage their care and lower spending.
The health coverage of millions of Americans in 34 states was pending upon the Supreme Court decision on the King v Burwell case. Luckily, common sense prevailed and the Supreme Court based its ruling on the original motivation behind the creation of the exchanges rather than on the plain language used in the provision.
The Attorney General of Massachussetts, Maura Healy, wants healthcare services in the state to pay increased attention to mental health benefits.
CMS has begun to implement risk adjustment and reinsurance programs, 2 premium stabilization programs of the Affordable Care Act. The report highlighted the estimated reinsurance payments issuer in addition to summary level information on the programs, which helps to keep premiums affordable as well as various coverage options available to consumers.
Scientists at the Imperial College London have identified a genetic link to obesity and diabetes in an extremely obese woman and her family members.
Despite concerns that Medicare Advantage payment reductions included in the Affordable Care Act would lead to a decline in enrollment, the number and share of beneficiaries enrolling in Medicare Advantage has only continue to climb since the health reform law was enacted.
CMS Open Payments data for 2014 is now available and includes information on 11.4 million financial transactions attributed to over 600,000 physicians and more than 1100 teaching hospitals, totaling $6.49 billion.