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This week, the top managed care stories included the end of 2 insurance megamergers, a proposed rule to tighten restrictions for the Affordable Care Act, and new legislation in New Jersey provides the nation's strictest mandates for treating addiction.
A news article on using community health records to improve population wellness was included in the Politico Morning eHealth report. RevCycle Intelligence and Patient Engagement HIT both examined the results of a February article on an asthma education program. Health IT Analytics highlighted the findings of a January article that assessed the role of value-based payment in implementing an evidence-based mental health intervention.
Researchers examined how genetic variants linked to type 2 diabetes behave in their environment, and the results pointed to a molecule that affects how pancreatic islet cells "read" the genes.
A new treatment option using stem cell transplants was shown to induce sustained remission of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). More than two-thirds of participants had no signs of progression of disability, relapse of MS symptoms, or new brain lesions after 5 years.
Following similar actions by Cigna and Anthem, Aetna has announced it will do away with requirements that force doctors to get approval from the insurer before prescribing medications to treat opioid addiction.
The study found that the average healthcare cost of an unnecessary shock was $4470, and 42% of the patients captured in the data received an inappropriate shock. The group included 41% in Medicare.
Observational findings from the Women’s Health Initiative study found that an intentional weight loss regimen by postmenopausal obese women can slash their risk of endometrial cancer by 29% to 56%.
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