Officials Revise Goals on Containing Ebola After Signs of Wider Exposure in Mali
The leaders of the United Nations and the World Health Organization expressed renewed alarm on Friday about Ebola’s tenacity in Africa and, in particular, its potential to ravage a fourth country, Mali, where they said hundreds of people had been exposed to an infected cleric who died last month.
Using EHRs to Find Hidden Drug Benefits
Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have used electronic health record analysis to uncover hidden drug benefits, according to a study appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.
The Extended "Fix" for Canceled Health Insurance Policies: Latest State Action
In March, the Obama administration released guidance extending the renewal of health insurance policies that do not meet the Affordable Care Act’s coverage standards through October 1, 2016. At least 9 states that did not adopt the administration’s original transitional policy are now allowing renewals of noncompliant policies after January 1, 2014.
How to Arrive at the Best Health Policies
Randomized trials are highly effective for suggesting ways to improve healthcare delivery, but they’re also rare. That may be changing.
With Third Lawyer, Republicans File Lawsuit Over the ACA
Republicans finally filed a lawsuit against President Obama’s healthcare reform law, the Affordable Care Act, after approving the suit in July. They are challenging the employer-based coverage aspect of the law, as well as Treasury payments to insurers.
Active Surveillance Might Work for Most With Prostate Cancer
A recent study published in European Urology highlights quality-of-life benefits with active surveillance in men with prostate cancer.
Generic Drug Price Escalation Debate Reaches the Senate
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill that would require generic drugmakers to pay rebates to the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs when prices of their medications outpace inflation.
Salk Scientists Want to Target the Protein Interactome for Drug Discovery
The study, published in Cell Reports, evaluates the dynamic protein interactions that promote different diseases including cancer. By capturing these interactions, the authors hope to discover new drug targets.
French Government Negotiates a Deal With Gilead for Sovaldi
Being promised a 100% reimbursement, Gilead will now make the drug available to HCV patients in France at 60% of the cost in the United States.
Large National Study Identifies Mastectomy Trend in Early Stage Disease
The retrospective study, published in JAMA Surgery, could not necessarily point to the underlying reason for this treatment choice.
IMS Report Estimates Over A Trillion Dollars in Drug Spending This Year
According to the report, sofosbuvir for hepatitis C infections and new cancer drugs were the drivers of the high spending costs, a 7% jump over the previous year.
Providers Becoming More Open to Digital Health Technology Use
Clinicians are showing increased openness toward using digital technology and are becoming more comfortable with trusting tools like at-home test results, according to a new report from PwC’s Health Research Institute.
The Effectiveness of Medication Adherence Interventions
An examination of nearly 200 medication adherence trials found that it is actually difficult to determine whether or not the approaches truly worked.
MSKCC Research Provides Lead On Immuno-oncology Resistance
Scientists at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have identified that tumor mutation burden could help predict responders to ipilimumab treatment. The report has been published online in the New England Journal of Medicine.
FDA Pushes Rule on Labeling by Generics to Next Year
With an aim to create parity between brand-name and generic drugs, the FDA was expected to pass a rule next month that would allow generic manufacturers to independently provide safety updates on their labels. The decision has now been pushed back by 9 months.
CMS Healthcare Cost Transparency Tools Found Lacking
In an effort to foster greater transparency of healthcare costs, the government and private sector entities are offering tools that provide cost and quality information to consumers. But just how effective are these tools?
Preclinical Model to Guide Immunotherapeutic Development
Champions Oncology will be presenting data on it's preclinical model at the ongoing EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium in Barcelona. The model proposes to help develop individualized treatments for patients.
The Argument For Better Patient-Centered Care in Oncology
After 4 years of living with inflammatory breast cancer, Amy Berman, RN, BS, senior program officer at the John A. Hartford Foundation, she still felt fine, which she attributed to her care choices, she explained during her speech at The American Journal of Managed Care’s Patient-Centered Oncology Care meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.
EASE—An App to Ease Family Anxiety During Surgery
A HIPAA-compliant app developed by doctors at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, helps quell the anxiety of family members as their children undergo surgery.
Study Identifies Disparities in Lung Cancer Treatment
The study, published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, identified race, insurance status, and the treatment center as variables that influenced treatment received by individuals with early-stage lung cancer.
ASCO Members Take a Stand on Access to Care for Low-Income Individuals
In a paper published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, medical oncologists have delineated their recommendations to improve cancer care and provide better access to quality care for those patients with financial issues and on Medicaid.
More Than Half of Low- and Moderate-Income Adults Cannot Afford Their Deductibles
One-fifth of adults with health insurance spent at least 5% of their income on out-of-pocket healthcare costs over the past year with low-income adults the most likely to have high costs, according to a report from The Commonwealth Fund.
PNAS Study Details ZMapp Mechanism Against Ebola
ZMapp, which has been developed by Mapp Biopharmaceutical, was successful in 5 of 7 Ebola-infected patients; but the mechanism of it's action in those patients was not very clear.
USC Study Identifies Pollution as a Risk Factor for Obesity
The study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, studied the BMI of children in Southern California over a period of 8 years, and studied it's correlation with environmental pollutants.
Merck’s Vytorin Achieves Primary, Secondary Endpoints in IMPROVE-IT Study
Patients taking Merck’s Vytorin, which combines simvastatin with the non-statin Zetia, experienced fewer major cardiovascular events than patients treated with simvastatin alone, according to the results of the IMPROVE-IT study.