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Research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has tried to fill the knowledge gaps that exist in the treatment of colorectal cancers that harbor mutations in genes involved in DNA mismatch repair.
An expert asks whether we'll hear more on the Republican nominee's healthcare plans, and a study shows obese kids benefit from eating less sugar.
The study found that the mortality risk for poor black men, relative to similar white men, persisted even when taking factors like education, employment, and marital status into account.
Teenagers who started with an average BMI of 51.7 were able to reduce that by more than 40% over the first year after surgery. They were able to complete a lap of an outdoor track nearly a half-minute faster on average, and fewer reported being in pain.
The tool will let pump users get updates of new features in between replacement of their hardware.
According to the study published in Cancer, adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with early stage colon cancer results in clinically relevant improvement in overall survival.
Also, the share of employers funding wellness programs has passed the 50% mark, but not all employees use them.
The most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll was conducted during an exceptionally violent week. Concerns about terrorism and gun policy outranked jobs and the economy and healthcare as voter priorities.
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