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Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD, of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, discusses determining cost effectiveness of novel treatments, such as immuno-oncology agents, and potential solutions to reducing financial toxicity in cancer care.
For caregivers to use data properly, they must understand that much of the actionable data lives outside the healthcare system.
States should maintain laws and policies to regulate cost-sharing in private health insurance because of the barrier it creates between the consumer and health services, reveals a recent report.
As the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) prepares to update its final value proposal framework, it has been aided by the constructive comments from different stakeholders, said ICER president Steve Pearson, MD, MSc. He predicts that coming years will see continued interest in how to utilize such frameworks.
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis with high multi-biomarker disease activity scores have an increased risk of radiographic progression, according to a new analysis of 6 different studies.
New data has demonstrated an association between high Vectra DA scores and an increased risk of joint damage progression in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery systems, also called an “artificial pancreas,” have attracted a great deal of attention since the FDA approved the first such device last September. These systems continuously monitor blood glucose levels and adjust insulin dosing accordingly, although they require some input from users around mealtimes.
Staff at mental health hospitals have long believed that tobacco helped calm patients, when in fact the nicotine only covered symptoms of withdrawal.
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