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Health record banks offer a promising future for health records and secure information exchange.
Following an FDA advisory on ovarian cancer screening tests, London-based Abcodia has announced that it will temporarily stop sales of its Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm test in the United States.
What we're reading, September 15, 2016: A United Nations panel challenges the market-based approach to drug research and development; an FDA panel recommends removing a serious health warning from Chantix's label; and older patients may want to wait to get their flu shot.
A cost-effectiveness analysis has found that Oncotype DX may not be economical to make clinical decisions on adjuvant radiation treatment in patients with DCIS.
An effort by the University of Utah health system created an "opportunity index" to identify areas of cost variability that would show physicians where they could find savings and improve quality.
A study published in JAMA Oncology has found that interventions to improve patient-centered communication was successful in patients with advanced cancer, but it failed to improve quality of life (QOL), patient-physician relation, or healthcare utilization toward the end of life.
The authors said this is the first study to examine antihypertension nonadherence down to the county level. Recommendations include greater use of combination therapy to reduce pill counts for patients with multiple chronic conditions, and synchronizing pharmacy visits to avoid multiple trips.
What we're reading, September 14, 2016: CMS denies Ohio's proposal to charge Medicaid fees; steep costs of healthcare continue to push Americans into poverty; and Canada approves prescription heroin to treat severe addiction.
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