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An analysis of provider networks offered in the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces found large variation of the prevalence narrow networks among the states, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.
An article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology finds that survivorship care plans may not greatly improve patient satisfaction with their care.
The results for 2014, which was Year 3 of the program, revealed winners and losers and showed that ACOs may not be the only solution to hold down the cost of healthcare.
Republican presidential hopefuls may all be ready to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but new reports in August found the health law continues to make big changes to the US healthcare system.
A trigger built in patient EHRs can avoid follow-up delays in those at risk for developing certain types of cancers, a JCO study shows.
Patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus have been advocating for Medicare to cover CGM technology, which they say is more important as patients age and symptoms of dropping blood sugar become less noticeable.
A recent study found that residents' PTSD is affected by the lack of social supports that existed even before the hurricane devastated the city on August 29, 2005. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other ailments are common, but psychiatrists and in-patient facilities are not.
Aetna and the University of Chicago Medicine kicked off a value-based oncology medical home model in July this year in an effort to transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.