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While Republicans continue to look at dismantling President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, they are also working on plans to extend subsidies temporarily to the millions of Americans who may lose the financial assistance should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell.
Concepts from the patient-centered medical home model can offer answers to giving the newly insured a place to find care outside of the emergency department setting.
In its proposed fiscal year 2016 funding bill, the House Appropriations Committee is looking to defund the Affordable Care Act, block additional funding for patient-centered outcomes research, and terminate the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
Read how being denied new technology by my insurance company impacts me.
A report by the American Cancer Society, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, finds smoking significantly increases the risk of cancer-related death.
If the Supreme Court rules that individuals in states on the federal marketplace are ineligible for subsidies, the annual consumer premium contribution could increase $3300 in 2015, according to an analysis from Avalere Health.
The findings of inadequate access to providers and outdated information were no surprise to healthcare advocates. Many of the issues are addressed in a giant proposed rule issued by CMS in late May.
Another 2 companies that are using natural language processing and artificial intelligence in their efforts on direct-to-person health coaching.