Wearable Devices, mHealth Can Lead to True Patient Engagement

Published Online: June 26, 2014
Smart watches, mHealth apps, and Bluetooth scales may just be edging into the social consciousness as a viable way to monitor personal health and manage chronic diseases, but EHR developers have been eyeing these technologies for some time, seeing them as valuable tools in the struggle to engage patients, prevent unnecessary readmissions, reduce costs, and promote long-term health.
With Stage 2 of Meaningful Use bringing patient engagement to the forefront of providers’ minds, and a focus on accountable care making good outcomes profitable in a tangible way, healthcare organizations are making sure that they are equipped to guide their patients through the maze of quantifying and improving their own health.
As President of Population Health Management at Allscripts, Peter McClennen believes that a seamless, connected ecosystem of patient-centric technologies is the key to making an impact on healthcare delivery and the way patients interact with their providers.  McClennen spoke to EHRintelligence about how wearable devices, mHealth apps, and patient portals will expand their role in the care continuum, allowing new methods of communication and more robust data for patients and providers alike.

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Source: EHR Intelligence