Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Fall 2015

Closing Statements
February 08, 2016 – 
Moderator Scott Gottlieb, MD, ended the Oncology Stakeholder Summit, Fall 2015, by asking the panel for closing statements.
Are Patients Aware of Site of Care Differentials?
February 07, 2016 – 
Panelists discuss the 340B program, moving oncology care into the hospital, and how much patients are aware of site of service differentials.
Disparity in Site of Care Costs and Patient Burden
February 07, 2016 – 
Moderator Scott Gottlieb, MD, asked the panel what they consider the consequences of moving the delivery of oncology care to the hospital setting.
The Path to Site Neutrality
February 07, 2016 – 
Ted Okon, executive director of Community Oncology Alliance, described the cost disparity situation between oncologists within the hospital and within the community, and site neutral payments as a goal.
Performance-Based Contracting in Oncology
February 05, 2016 – 
Panelists discuss the changing role of pharmacy benefit managers and creating more accountability among drug manufacturers.
Can Indication-Based Pricing Be a Reality?
February 04, 2016 – 
Panelists discuss using more creativity in pricing drugs and what changes are occurring in formulary design.
Oral Parity Laws and Patient Cost Sharing
January 28, 2016 – 
The panelists discussed if they believed that the oral parity laws would receive a political push for implementation from the federal government.
Drug Prices and Patient Burden in Oncology
January 28, 2016 – 
Scott Gottlieb, MD, asked the panelists about the burden of drug costs for patients, seeking their opinion on the overall impact of oncology drugs on patient care and on plans.
Bundled Payments in Oncology: What Do Payers Think?
January 28, 2016 – 
Panel members discuss whether or not bundled payment work in oncology and when it makes sense to bundled payments.
Implications of Bundled Payments in Oncology
January 28, 2016 – 
The panelists discussed Medicare’s push towards bundled payments and what that would look like in the field of oncology.
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