Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

Making ACOs Work Amid the Changing Healthcare Landscape | Page 2

Published Online: January 22, 2014
Tara Petersen
Murphy asked the panel about their thoughts on bundling payments for diabetes care. “The devil is in the details,” Leider said, adding that people with diabetes usually suffer from several comorbidities and that quality metrics need to be measurable. Bergenstal said that efforts by the federal government to implement payment bundling “fell apart.” He noted, “None of the payers said they would go for bundling.” Orr agreed, adding that bundling payments around episodic care is challenging and goes against the notion of treating the whole patient. “It’s  micromanagement for payers,” he added.

The conversation then turned to the concept of predictive modeling. The panel agreed that the increasing availability of data will play a significant role in the near future. There will be a wealth of information available, such as prior admissions and socioeconomic status, and that goes well beyond what can be determined using claims data. “We’re all going to see more around this,” Orr said. “It will be interesting to harness this."

Issue: January-February 2014
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