Evidence-Based Oncology
Evidence-Based Oncology
Lee N. Newcomer, MD, MHA
Radical Changes in Payment Incentives and Elimination of Low-Value Care
Michael Synder, BA; Lee Goldberg, MBA; and Tracey Ryan, M.Eng
Health Plans Continue to Seek Methods to Curtail Cancer Costs
Michael P. Link, MD
Grim Reality Is a Bitter Pill to Swallow: Interview with Michael P. Link, MD, ASCO President
Tek Okon, MBA; and Lee Schwartzberg, MD, FACP
The Challenges Facing Oncologists Are Formidable
A. Mark Fendrick, MD; and Jonas de Souza, MD
Insights Into Value-Based Insurance Design in Oncology
Jennifer Klem, PhD; Stanton R. Mehr; and Marj Pestil Zimmerman, BSPharm
A New Era in Targeted Treatment Has Begun
Cheryl Sarfaty
Why Oncologists Must Tailor Clinical Features to Their Needs
Laura Mortkowitz
Promise and Pitfalls Along the Path to Personalized Care
The Duke Cancer Institute
To help oncology providers better understand drug mechanisms of action, and the economic implications of their use.
Review of the most recent evidence-based literature discussing breast, colorectal, lung, and ovarian cancers, in addition to melanoma and multiple myeloma.
Kim L. Farina, PhD
How Much Do We Spend and How Can We Spend It Better?
Kim L. Farina, PhD
Metabolomics, Proteomics, and Epigenetics