Evidence-Based Oncology
Evidence-Based Oncology
Kim Farina, PhD
UPMC Oncologists: Pioneers in the Clinical Pathways Movement
Jennifer Klemm, PhD; and Stanton R. Mehr
Dawn G. Holcombe, MBA, FAMCPE, ACHE
Keith Beagin
Signaling the Future of Personalized Medicine
Jennifer Klemm, PhD; and Stanton R. Mehr
Michael Kolodziej, MD; and J. Russell Hoverman, MD, PhD
Getting On Pathwayť?
Anna Azvolinsky, PhD
Money Well Spent?
Marjorie P. Zimmerman, MS, BSPharm, RPh; and Stanton R. Mehr
Alice Goodman
SABCS Conference Coverage
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Multiple Myeloma: Pre-Transplant Induction, Consolidation, and Maintenance Therapy
Robert “Bo” Gamble
Getting Smarter in How We Score and Promote Value
Michael Marlan Mohundro, PharmD; and Brice Labruzzo Mohundro, PharmD
Availability of Newer Agents May Lower Healthcare Costs
Interview With Allen S. Lichter, MD, Chief Executive Officer, American Society of Clinical Oncology