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The White House budget “blueprint” for 2018, which was released today, has recommended substantial cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Raj Toleti, CEO and founder of HealthGrid, has created patient-driven technologies to help empower them when they are accessing care.
If you want a practical definition of win-win, look no further than telemedicine. However, like any new technology, there still are challenges that must be overcome. Specifically, issues around reliability.
Teledermatology is advertised a major breakthrough in telehealth. But, is the tort system ready for widespread adoption?
The collaboration between Purdue Pharma and the Virginia Department of Health comes about 2 months after Governor Terry McAuliffe declared the state’s opioid addiction crisis a public health emergency.
Rena M. Conti, PhD; Brenton Fargnoli, MD; and Andrew L. Pecora, MD, CPE, describe the financial variables that should be taken into consideration when investing in information technology resources for use in hospital and community healthcare settings.
Despite the potential benefits of sharing healthcare data, Rena M. Conti, PhD; Brenton Fargnoli, MD; and Andrew L. Pecora, MD, CPE; note that there are also several associated challenges. The panelists suggest that engaging patients to be responsible for their electronic health records can improve care.
The Council for Affordable Quality Health Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange is making great strides in certifying health plans for implementing electronic information exchange between payers and providers. The good news for providers is that very little is required of them to reap the benefits of these certification efforts.
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