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As technology becomes a standard tool in more professions, the resources used become more accessible, more protected, and provide the ability to more efficiently track progress and changes over time.
Darin Brannan, CEO, president, and co-founder of ClearDATA, may have extensive experience in Silicon Valley, but he came from a family of physicians who wanted to bring new technology into the industry to drive efficiency and prevent accidental medical errors and deaths.
A poll conducted by PatientsLikeMe shows that cancer patients have the same concerns as the general population about healthcare costs, but see benefits in the law that the healthy may have overlooked.
Behind the scenes there are a number of advances that Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, director of the National Library of Medicine, would like to see take place to make it easier to get literature into people's hands.
Rates of e-prescribing access is higher among pharmacists than physicians, which is partly due to older physicians at the end of their career who find implementing the system cost prohibitive, explained Doug Hillblom, PharmD, president at Arena Healthcare, LLC.
The White House budget “blueprint” for 2018, which was released today, has recommended substantial cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Raj Toleti, CEO and founder of HealthGrid, has created patient-driven technologies to help empower them when they are accessing care.
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