Dr C. Patrick Carroll Discusses Treating Patients With SCD-Related Pain Who Arrive in the ED
March 12, 2020 – 
When patients present to the emergency department (ED) with sickle cell disease (SCD)–related pain, they often have been experiencing that pain for days, said C. Patrick Carroll, MD, director of psychiatric services, Sickle Cell Center for Adults, associate professor of psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Medicine.
Dr Lucio Gordan Discusses Cost Differentials, Survivorship Care in Oncology
March 10, 2020 – 
There has been significant improvement in payers' understanding of site of care issues, but steps still need to be taken to address these issues, said Lucio Gordan, MD, president and managing physician at Florida Cancer Specialists.
Dr Bruce Sherman: Disproportionate Effects of Co-pay Accumulator Programs Across Populations
March 10, 2020 – 
Co-pay accumulator adjustment programs can have different effects for individuals with varying health plan types or income levels, explained Bruce Sherman, MD, chief medical officer of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.
Dr Elisabet Manasanch: Flow Cytometry, Sequencing Optimal for Assessing MRD
March 05, 2020 – 
Some of the best ways to assess minimal residual disease (MRD) are using flow cytometry or using sequencing, said Elisabet Manasanch, MD, assistant professor in the Department of Lymphoma/Myeloma and Division of Cancer Medicine at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Dr Bruce Sherman Looks Forward to Ongoing Research on the Impacts of Co-pay Accumulator Adjustment Programs
March 04, 2020 – 
Ongoing studies are aiming to determine how co-pay accumulator adjustment programs affect individuals’ medication adherence and persistence, with the hope that the results will inform employers on more equitable benefits strategies, according to Bruce Sherman, MD, chief medical officer of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.
Dr Adam Olszewski on Research Still Needed on Palliative Care Services in Blood Cancers
March 03, 2020 – 
More data is needed to get wider acceptance of the use of palliative care services for patients with blood cancers, said Adam Olszewski, MD, associate professor of medicine at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.
Viraj Narayanan Addresses the Adoption Curve Presented by Real-World Data
March 02, 2020 – 
Education efforts among providers, payer, and patients can help answer the fundamental and important questions raised by the use of real-world data, said Viraj Narayanan, MBA, vice president of Life Sciences at COTA Healthcare.
Dr Karl Kilgore Discusses Benefits of CAR T-Cell Therapy for Medicare Patients
February 27, 2020 – 
Medicare patients' health care utilization, including hospitalizations and emergency department visits, decreased after CAR T-cell therapy, said Karl Kilgore, PhD, senior research analyst at Avalere Health.
Dr Abby Statler: African American Patients With AML Exhibit Higher Kidney Test Abnormalities
February 26, 2020 – 
When we looked at the pre-treatment creatinine data, we found that African Americans were more likely to have abnormal results and white patients were more likely to have normal results–these differences were statistically significant, said Abby Statler, PhD, MPH, MA, research associate at Cleveland Clinic.
Dr Bruce Sherman: Why Co-pay Accumulator Programs Are an Unlikely Fit for High-Cost Therapies
February 25, 2020 – 
Co-pay accumulator adjustment programs will probably not be used for high-cost therapies because deductible amounts are trivial compared with their price tags and because these novel treatments are used for small populations, said Bruce Sherman, MD, chief medical officer of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.
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