Dr Catherine Diefenbach Discusses Reducing Toxicity When Treating Lymphoma
August 02, 2019 – 
Pairing low doses of chemotherapy with newer, targeted drugs can help prevent high toxicity, said Catherine Diefenbach, MD, director of clinical lymphoma at the NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center.
Dr Patty Taddei-Allen Outlines the Importance of Adherence to MS Therapies
August 01, 2019 – 
Encouraging patient adherence to medication is very important to managing the cost of multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies, said Patty Taddei-Allen, PharmD, MBA, BCACP, BCGP, director, outcomes research, WelldyneRx.
Dr Jeroen Jansen on Challenges With Current Approaches to Value Assessment
August 01, 2019 – 
Jeroen Jansen, PhD, lead scientific advisor, Open-Source Value Project, Innovation and Value Initiative, discusses challenges with today’s approaches to value assessment.
Dr John Fox on the Economic Value of Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
July 31, 2019 – 
Whether or not there is economic value of comprehensive genomic profiling likely depends on what tissue type and what tumor type we’re talking about, explained John Fox, MD, MHA, vice president of Clinical Transformation at Spectrum Health.
Dr Jason Mitchell Discusses the Evolving Role of Primary Care in Value-Based Care
July 31, 2019 – 
Jason Mitchell, MD, chief medical and clinical transformation officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, discusses the role primary care will play in the transition to value-based care.
Travis Broome Discusses Participating in Multiple Payment Reform Models
July 30, 2019 – 
Practices should make deliberate choices when choosing to participate in multiple payment reform models and should just participate in something because it is the newest model, said Travis Broome, vice president of policy at Aledade.
Dr Brett McQueen on Taking Into Account Nontraditional Criteria for Determining Cost Effectiveness
July 28, 2019 – 
R. Brett McQueen, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado, discusses the need to account a myriad of criteria when determining cost effectiveness.
Dr Devin Incerti on the Need for Global Value Assessment to Be Adaptable
July 27, 2019 – 
Devin Incerti, PhD, lead economist, Innovation and Value Initiative, discusses the need for global value assessments to be adaptable for countries that place emphasis on certain values.
June Halper: The Role of Caregiver in MS Is Extremely Important
July 26, 2019 – 
Since multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease with no cure or control, the role of a caregiver or care partner is very important, said June Halper, MSN, APN-C, MSCN, FAAN, chief executive officer, Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.
Vanessa Sammy Outlines Successful Healthcare Partnerships and Improving Transparency
July 25, 2019 – 
Successful partnerships between employers and healthcare organizations need trust and transparency, said Vanessa Sammy, MPA, MHSA, senior director of commercial strategy and implementation for Remedy Partners.
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