Heart Failure

Patients With Advanced Heart Failure May Not Benefit From Telemedicine-Based Palliative Care

July 29, 2020


Results from a racially diverse clinical trial show that despite bringing palliative care to rural and minority populations with heart failure facing hurdles to accessing such care, using telehealth delivery methods to improve access does not improve the mood or quality of life of patients or their caregivers.

Does Intersection of Racial, Gender Biases Affect Heart Failure Treatment Decisions?

July 27, 2020


Researchers interviewed US specialists in an effort to see how conscious and unconscious thoughts about race and gender contributed to an unequal allocation of various treatments for heart failure.

Merck Gets Priority Review in NDA for Vericiguat

July 19, 2020


The company said FDA has set a date of January 20, 2021, for action under the Prescription Drug User Fee Act.

In Little-Used Process, FDA Grants Dapagliflozin Fast Track Status for Use After Heart Attack

July 17, 2020


The designation would be to reduce the risk of heart failure or cardiovascular death in patients who have suffered an acute MI, which is a known cause of heart failure.

How Patients With Stress Cardiomyopathy Have Fared During the Pandemic

July 16, 2020


Stress cardiomyopathy has presented in more patients with acute coronary syndrome during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, despite none having positive antibody results for the virus, compared with several measured periods before the pandemic.

Childhood Abuse, Neglect May Be Linked to a Greater Incidence of Heart Disease

July 14, 2020


There was a greater incidence of heart disease, both cardiovascular and ischemic, among women and men who survived childhood maltreatment, according to study results published Monday from the United Kingdom.

Palliative Care Consultations in Heart Failure Associated With Higher Rates of Advance Care Planning

July 11, 2020


Palliative medicine consultations for heart failure were linked with increased rates of advance directives being included in a patient’s electronic medical record, according to study results published this month in Journal of Maine Medical Center.

Heart Disease in Pregnant Women Raises Risk of Maternal, Neonatal Complications

July 09, 2020


Women with heart disease during their first pregnancy had a higher rate of maternal cardiac events and neonatal complications, especially if they also had pulmonary hypertension, according to study findings published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. The study also identified factors that can predict which pregnant women with heart disease will develop heart failure.

Is It Possible to Predict Heart Failure Risk Through a Wearable Sensor?

July 02, 2020


At the 5-year mark, half of patients hospitalized for heart failure typically have died. These study authors set out to determine if a wearable sensor can better predict who is at risk for heart failure so that the risk can be modified.