CBD May Improve Neurologic, Cognitive, QOL Outcomes in Sturge-Weber Syndrome

November 28th 2022, 1:33pm


A small, prospective, open-label trial found evidence of improved quality of life (QOL) and clinical outcomes among patients with treatment-resistant Sturge-Weber syndrome when they were treated with CBD.

COVID-19 May Increase Risk of Seizures After Infection, Study Finds

November 24th 2022, 7:05pm


Compared with patients who have influenza infection, people infected with SARS-CoV-2 have a higher risk of epilepsy and seizures, according to a new study.

Epilepsy: People With Multiple Sclerosis May Be at High Risk

November 22nd 2022, 5:25pm


A systemic review analysis evaluated associations between epilepsy and seizures in people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

CBD Emerges as Meaningful Epilepsy Therapy, but Considerable Questions Remain

November 21st 2022, 3:15pm


Investigators still do not fully understand how cannabidiol (CBD) works in patients with seizures, according to a new review.

Individuals With Epilepsy on Antidepressants Continue to Signal Depression, Anxiety

November 16th 2022, 5:27pm


A new study has found that a low dose of antidepressants and issues with adherence may contribute to ongoing anxiety or depression among patients with epilepsy on drug therapy.

US Regional Differences Found in Presurgical Testing for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

November 9th 2022, 3:33pm


A study found that the characteristics and location of epilepsy centers in the United States are associated with differences in presurgical testing for drug-0resistant epilepsy.

What We’re Reading: Epilepsy Drug Approval; Free COVID-19 Testing Ends; EPA Sued

March 28th 2022, 2:22pm


The FDA approved a drug to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy; uninsured Americans will no longer have access to free COVID-19 tests; a conservation group is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over failure to protect rivers from pollution.

Review Finds 3% of Patients With MS Have Epilepsy, 2% Experience Seizures

June 19th 2021, 12:00pm


The report gives a more holistic picture of a highly studied by little understood issue in multiple sclerosis.

Comparing Psychological Difficulties Among Migraineurs and Patients With Epilepsy

September 10th 2020, 12:00pm


Compared with patients with epilepsy, migraineurs tend to suffer more from psychological difficulties, according to a study published in Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare.

Poor Sleep Quality, Care Management Linked With Worsening of Seizure in Patients With Epilepsy

July 28th 2020, 10:57pm


Amid the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in Italy, a significant number of patients with epilepsy reported difficulties managing their condition, especially those who reported greater use of antiseizure medications for chronic therapy and poor sleep quality, according to study findings.