Healthcare Delivery

Panel Reviews Health Inequities and Opportunities for Innovation Through Population Health Delivery

September 30th 2022, 7:05pm


A panel discussion at the 70th Annual Roy A. Bowers Pharmaceutical Conference addressed recent care delivery initiatives in New Jersey that aim to address health inequities and other population health concerns.

Advanced Imaging System Investigated for Faster Diagnosis of Skin Cancers

September 30th 2022, 6:15pm


This new study explored the diagnostic utility and accuracy of 2-photon fluorescence microscopy (TPFM) among nonmelanoma skin cancers, which included basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Dr Melissa O'Connor Reviews Considerations for Discharge in Home Health

September 30th 2022, 5:10pm


Melissa O'Connor, PhD, MBA, RN, FGSA, FAAN, endowed professor in Community and Home Health Nursing, M. Louise Fitzpatrick School of Nursing, Villanova University, and director, Gerontology Interest Group, discussed several factors for clinicians to consider in creating plans to discharge adults from skilled home health care.

AJMC® in the Press, September 30, 2022

September 30th 2022, 2:30pm


Coverage of our peer-reviewed research and news reporting in the health care and mainstream press.

Contributor: It’s Time to Talk About Paying Clinical Trial Participants More

September 30th 2022, 11:00am


There is wide variation in the governance over research participant pay, and with rapid advances in technology enabling trial access, industry should step up and pay patients what they are worth, says Gunnar Esiason, a patient advocate living with cystic fibrosis.

Worsened HF Outcomes Linked to Circulating Endotrophin Levels

September 29th 2022, 6:11pm


This potential outcome was particularly evident among study participants who had heart failure (HF) with preserved ejection fraction, a subtype of HF with few therapeutic options.

Diabetes Technology May Impact Patient’s Approach to Prevent Overnight Hypoglycemia

September 29th 2022, 4:28pm


Data showed that patients using diabetes technology incorporated different strategies to prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia vs patients who did not use such technology.

CDC to Physicians: Watch for Severe Respiratory, Polio-Like Illness in Children

September 28th 2022, 9:45pm


The CDC this week noted what providers and parents have been seeing across the country: rising cases of a non-polio enterovirus causing severe respiratory illness and acute flaccid myelitis (AFM).

Pediatric ESS Effective, Safe to Treat Chronic Sinusitis With Nasal Polyps

September 28th 2022, 8:30pm


With a high recurrence rate following surgery to treat chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps, authors set out to investigate the effectiveness and safety of endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) in a pediatric patient population.

FDA Committee Issues Positive Vote for RBX2660 in Recurrent Clostridioides difficile Infection

September 28th 2022, 5:40pm


An FDA advisory committee recently issued a positive vote for Ferring’s RBX2660, an investigational microbiota-based live biotherapeutic, for its potential in reducing recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection after antibiotic treatment.