Healthcare Delivery

Study Contradicts Other Research About Potentially Inappropriate Medications Among Older Adults

September 22nd 2021, 8:44pm


The current study found that those prescribed potentially inappropriate medications were actually less likely to revisit the emergency department within 30 days, in contrast to prior work.

A Timeline of COVID-19 Vaccine Developments for the Second Half of 2021

September 21st 2021, 6:15pm


As the second half of 2021 ended and Americans hoped for a summer of freedom from social distancing, a new threat was emerging due to lagging vaccination rates despite the widespread availability of 3 vaccines for COVID-19.

Spotlighting Pandemic-Related Challenges, Data-Driven Solutions for Payers

September 21st 2021, 3:30pm


On this episode of Managed Care Cast, we address how delays in routine care and other aspects of the pandemic are affecting payer organizations today, and how technology innovations like natural language processing can work to empower key initiatives in population health and beyond.

Study: Antibiotic Stewardship Programs Do Not Worsen Outcomes in Elderly Patients

September 19th 2021, 2:45pm


A new report shows patient readmissions and mortality dropped among patients aged 65 and older following the institution of an antibiotic stewardship program.

Contributor: The Price of Mental Wellness

September 19th 2021, 1:00pm


Considering the personal, societal, and economic toll of treatment-resistant depression, we must make it easier to access medicines and care that provide value, both for the patient and for the health care system.

Israeli Study Assesses Real-World Outcomes of Growth Hormone Treatment

September 18th 2021, 7:42pm


Real-world outcomes can differ from those seen in tightly-controlled clinical trials, so researchers wanted to examine the patterns of growth hormone treatment in a large cohort of children in Israel.

Study Reinforces Effectiveness of HD-Trivalent Influenza Vaccines

September 18th 2021, 3:40pm


High-dose trivalent flu vaccine was associated with a reduced risk of hospitalization and emergency department visits for pneumonia or influenza in adults aged 65 and above, according to a recent study.

States Late to Adopt PrEP Risk Falling Further Behind

September 18th 2021, 3:00pm


A new analysis of 2014-2018 data among all states plus Washington, DC, for those who have either indications for preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or current prescriptions for the preventive treatment, shows a widening gap in PrEP uptake, with states considered early adopters pulling ahead of those considered late adopters.

Guselkumab Associated With Improved HRQOL, Skin Manifestations in Patients With Psoriasis

September 18th 2021, 2:15pm


Treatment of guselkumab was found to be safe and effective in improving health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) and skin manifestations of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis in a real-world setting.

Early Life Lower Respiratory Tract Infections May Increase OSA Risk in Children

September 17th 2021, 5:30pm


Children who experience lower respiratory tract infections early in their lives were shown to be at significantly greater risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea in the first 5 years of life.