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Kashyap Patel, MD
Kashyap Patel, MD, Sees Link Between COVID-19 and Cancer Progression, Calls for More Biomarker Testing

March 22nd 2023

Recent papers highlight possible role of inflammation in connections between COVID-19, cancer markers.

Paul G. Alexander, MD, MPH.
Population Health Strategies to Advance Health Equity: A Q&A With Dr Paul G. Alexander

February 15th 2023

Washington DC
Biden to End COVID-19 National Emergencies in May

January 31st 2023

WWR graphic
What We’re Reading: Affordable Care Act Update; COVID-19 Booster Effectiveness; Lawsuit Disputes Abortion Pill Ban

January 26th 2023

Image of a hospital entrance
Paxlovid May Reduce Already Low Risk of COVID-19 Hospitalization, Death Among Vaccinated Patients

January 17th 2023

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