Value Based Care

Kimberly Westrich on Incentivizing Value-Based Care in Benefit Design and Reimbursement Strategies

November 28th 2021, 2:00pm


Kimberly Westrich, MA, vice president of health services research at the National Pharmaceutical Council, discusses the shift to a value-based system from a fee-for-service one and how the health care system can incentivize high-value care.

With No Replacement for OCM on Horizon, Oncology Practices Ask: What Now?

November 22nd 2021, 1:45pm


The announcement of a "strategic refresh" for payment models under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation offered no details on what practices should expect when the Oncology Care Model (OCM) expires in 2022.

A National Perspective of the Opportunities, Challenges Facing Health Care Cost and Sustainability

November 11th 2021, 1:30pm


Michael E. Chernew, PhD, co-editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Managed Care®, discussed cost and sustainability issues specific to commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid at the National Alliance 2021 Annual Forum held in a hybrid format in Washington, DC.

Managing Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease Through Value-Based Arrangements

November 9th 2021, 4:30pm


On this episode of Managed Care Cast, we speak with Abi Sundaramoorthy, MD, MBA, executive vice president of clinical enterprise at Somatus, on fragmented care in chronic kidney disease, its disproportionate impact on minority communities, and the potential of value-based arrangements to address disparities and promote preventive, effective care.

Aligning Value and Cost Considerations to Improve Access to, Outcomes of Gene Therapies

October 29th 2021, 1:15am


A panel at Asembia 2021 Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas addressed challenges in the treatment journey of patients with rare diseases, efforts to improve access to gene therapies, and cost and value considerations for stakeholders.

Simplifying the Complexity of Value-Based Contracting: Present, Future Implications in Specialty Pharmacy

October 28th 2021, 4:01pm


The state of value-based contracting in specialty pharmacy was addressed in a panel discussion at Asembia 2021 Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas, with speakers touching on the essentials of such agreements, how to optimally integrate them, and future considerations for the pharmaceutical marketplace.

Dr Steven Peskin on Reforms Needed to Incentivize Value-Based Contracts

October 27th 2021, 10:00pm


Some policy reforms can help incentivize more use of value-based contracts, but overall an area that needs more work is value-based contracts with pharmaceutical companies, said Steven Peskin, MD, executive director, director of population health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Dr Steven Peskin Gives a Sneak Peek of His Session on Value-Based Contracting

October 22nd 2021, 3:43pm


Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has been involved in a number of value-based cancer care initiatives that will be highlighted during an upcoming Asembia session, said Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, executive director, director of population health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Agreement Among Measures Examining Low-Value Imaging for Low Back Pain

October 12th 2021, 1:00pm


This study demonstrates the need for additional consensus surrounding how to translate guideline recommendations to administrative measures assessing imaging overuse for acute low back pain.

Spotlighting Social, Emotional Needs in Underserved Populations With Cancer

September 14th 2021, 1:00pm


Psychological and emotional needs specific to populations with cancer are often overlooked in clinical research, including those of adolescents, young adults, immigrants, and people of lower socioeconomic status.