Value Based Care

Ashok Subramanian on Considerations for Employers Designing Value-Based Care Frameworks

June 8th 2022, 6:40pm


Ashok Subramanian, MBA, founder and chief executive officer, Centivo, speaks on the limitations of traditional employer-based health benefit plans in the pursuit of value-based care and what employers should consider in designing these incentives on a community level.

Measuring the Effectiveness and Value of Virtual Health Care

June 8th 2022, 4:00pm


The authors call for the collection and use of data on virtual health care to shape an informed and thoughtful approach to telehealth payment that equitably serves all stakeholders.

New Research Calls for a Reconsideration of Loop Diuretic Use, Fluid Restriction in HF

May 25th 2022, 2:38pm


Thirst outcomes were investigated among patients with stable heart failure (HF), due to the limited data available on this relationship and how it, along with fluid and sodium intake, influences clinical outcomes in this population.

Contributor: Value-Based Care Will Provide the Freedom to Fix What's Broken in Rural Health

May 22nd 2022, 12:30pm


The tools we need to achieve long-term stability for community providers and ensure better outcomes for rural Americans are available, and CMS can help us utilize them.

Opportunity After Crisis: Enhancing Value in the COVID-19 Rebound

May 19th 2022, 1:00pm


As we reset post pandemic, providers and payers are in an excellent position to prioritize a reallocation of health care expenditures driven primarily by individual and population health gains.

Neil Goldfarb Previews Theme, Potential Takeaways of 2022 GPBCH Annual Conference

May 18th 2022, 4:15pm


Neil Goldfarb, president and chief executive officer of Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health (GPBCH), provides an overview of the core discussion points and other aspects in-person attendees can look forward to at the 2022 GPBCH Annual Conference.

Contributor: The Convergence of Value-Based Care and Lab Testing Growth

May 17th 2022, 5:15pm


Today, health plans are shifting dollars to more value-based contracts along with investments in population health management. Digitizing lab results across all care settings and unlocking the potential of lab values can help health plans reach the Triple Aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per-member cost of health care.

Physician Prices and Low-Value Services: Evidence From General Internal Medicine

May 12th 2022, 4:00pm


This study found extensive variation in general internal medicine physician prices and that high-priced physicians provided fewer low-value services but had higher spending on these services.

Assessing Surveillance Utilization and Value in Commercially Insured Patients With Colorectal Cancer

May 10th 2022, 1:00pm


Trends in surveillance testing after treatment for colorectal cancer remained relatively stable recently, and patients who overutilized surveillance measures had quicker recurrence detection but higher costs.

Taking Action Against the Rising Mental Health Crisis: Efforts From Health Plans, Congress, and More

May 10th 2022, 12:40pm


Marking Mental Health Awareness month, stakeholders involved in the delivery of behavioral health care services discuss current efforts underway—spearheaded by the novel 988 emergency hotline—to address the growing mental health crisis.