Dr Rhonda Voskuhl Outlines the Importance of Studying Sex Differences in MS
April 20, 2019 – 
Sex differences in multiple sclerosis (MS) has been known for some time, and studying these differences benefit both sexes, explained Rhonda Voskuhl, MD, Jack H. Skirball chair of MS research, director of the MS program, and professor of neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Jessa Dunivan Describes How Care Coordinators Work Behind the Scenes to Facilitate Patient Care
April 20, 2019 – 
The core of the work that care coordinators do is done behind the scenes so that all of the core information is in the chart when the doctor is meeting with the patient, said Jessa Dunivan, patient services manager, Northwest Medical Specialties.
Dr Ray Page Details How Physicians Currently Use Data at the Point of Care
April 19, 2019 – 
Using oncology care pathways and treatment pathways has helped practices use evidence-based data to facilitate them to be sure they are using the right drug for the right patient at the right time, said Ray Page, DO, PhD, president and director of research at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.
AJMC®tv Interviews, April 2018
April 18, 2019 – 
AJMCtv® interviews let you catch up with experts on what’s new and important about changes in healthcare. The interviews provide insights from key decision makers-from the clinician to the health plan leader to the regulator. When every minute in your day matters, AJMCtv® interviews keep you informed. You can access the video clips at
Dr John W. Sweetenham Addresses Disparities in Cancer Care and FDA Intervention
April 18, 2019 – 
There are disparities in access to innovative therapies and entries into clinical trials, but FDA's recent proposed guidance could help close gaps, said John W. Sweetenham, MD, senior director of clinical affairs and executive medical director, Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah.
Dr Michael E. Chernew Details the Role of The American Journal of Managed Care®
April 16, 2019 – 
Most academic journals are researchers talking to researchers, butThe American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®) is typically researchers talking to the community, says Michael E. Chernew, PhD, the Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Care Policy; director of the Healthcare Markets and Regulation Lab in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School; and co-editor-in-chief of AJMC®.
Abra Kelson Discusses Barriers to Patient Care and Social Support Systems
April 16, 2019 – 
Utilizing community resources is an important way to help patients who have poor social support systems get the care they need, said Abra Kelson, MSW, LSWA-IC, medical social work supervisor, Northwest Medical Specialties.
Feyi Olopade Ayodele on Informing Patients of the Benefits of Genetic Screening for Cancer
April 15, 2019 – 
Through partnerships, CancerIQ tries to reduce barriers for patients to use genetic services to detect cancer early, said Feyi Olopade Ayodele, MBA, chief executive officer at CancerIQ.
Barry Russo on How Community Oncology Practices Can Work Together and Learn From Each Other
April 11, 2019 – 
Community oncology practices need to come together as much as possible in order to respond to changes in the market, have a common voice, and to share best practices and learn from each other, said Barry Russo, chief executive officer of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.
Jessa Dunivan Highlights the Various Members of Care Teams
April 10, 2019 – 
The care team is made up of a number of members, who work together to uncover and then address any barriers that patients have, said Jessa Dunivan, patient services manager, Northwest Medical Specialties.
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