Chronic Kidney Disease

Longer CKD Duration Linked With Taste Dysfunction

July 28th 2021, 2:30pm


New research indicates an association between longer chronic kidney disease duration and taste dysfunction.

Kidney Function Declines Along 4 Distinct Trajectories, Study Finds

July 25th 2021, 6:20pm


About 4 in 10 patients with chronic kidney disease will have “early rapid decline,” a trajectory more likely if the patient also has diabetes.

Panel Recommends 5 Reporting Requirements for Standardizing AKI Definition

July 20th 2021, 7:00pm


Inconsistent application and measure of the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes definition of acute kidney injury (AKI) prompted this review, which used a measure of 75% agreement when defining consensus.

Acute Tubular Injury to Kidneys Likely Result of Severe COVID-19 Infection

July 18th 2021, 12:00pm


This new study from Japan investigated possible relationships between tubular injury, COVID-19 severity, and inflammatory markers with development of acute kidney injury.

DaVita, Former CEO Indicted for Market Collusion

July 15th 2021, 10:21pm


The dialysis company faces a $100M fine for each of 2 antitrust counts.

FDA Approves Kerendia for Patients With CKD Associated With T2D

July 15th 2021, 11:00am


Positive drug trial results suggest promising outcomes for adult patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

Exome Sequencing Reveals Genetic Origins of Some Kidney Disease Cases

July 12th 2021, 4:05pm


Exome sequencing of patients with kidney disease and their families identified 17 different monogenetic causes of kidney disease.

Iron Therapy May Help Broader Group of Patients With Kidney Disease

July 10th 2021, 7:31pm


A new study says that treating iron deficiency therapy may improve outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease, even if they don’t have anemia.

Review: SGLT2 Inhibitors Hold Promise in Improving Renal Outcomes

July 9th 2021, 6:00pm


Considerable evidence shows sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors have cardioprotective benefits, but new research elucidates the ways in which the drugs can also have positive renal impacts.

CMS Targets Health Care Disparities in ESRD Rulemaking for 2022

July 2nd 2021, 2:20pm


The proposed changes to the payment model for end stage renal disease (ESRD) would make it the first payment model under the CMS Innovation Center to directly address health equity by incentivizing increased rates of home dialysis and kidney transplants.