Music Therapy Found to Significantly Improve Sleep Quality in Older Adults

April 21st 2021, 4:00am


Music therapy among older adults was associated with significant improvements in sleep quality, with sedative music cited as more effective than rhythm-centered music.

Sleep Disturbance Associated With Increased Risk of Death, Particularly in Women

April 19th 2021, 11:00pm


Unconscious wakefulness during nighttime sleep, known as cortical arousal, was significantly associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular-related death and death from any cause, with women especially at notable risk.

Substantial Increase in Rates of Insomnia, Sleep Apnea Reported Among US Military

April 16th 2021, 3:00pm


Over a 14-year period, active-duty US military members reported a marked 45-fold increase in rates of insomnia and 30-fold increase in rates of obstructive sleep apnea.

Later School Start Times Linked With Significant Sleep, Daytime Sleepiness Benefits

April 15th 2021, 4:30pm


Students attending middle school and high school exhibited significantly improved sleep duration and daytime sleepiness with later school start times, while elementary school students were shown to be minimally affected by earlier start times.

Significant Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Fibrosis Risk Found in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

April 9th 2021, 3:00pm


Approximately 45% of patients with obstructive sleep apnea were shown to present with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, with age and weight indicated as significant predictors of high fibrosis score risk.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia Campaign Seeks to Spread Awareness, Empower Patients

April 6th 2021, 8:00pm


A recently launched campaign by Jazz Pharmaceuticals and the Hypersomnia Foundation spotlights a lack of knowledge on idiopathic hypersomnia, as well as how care teams can optimally screen for symptoms and care for patients with the debilitating sleep disorder.

Insomnia, Sleep Disturbance Associated With Depression in Children and Adolescents

April 3rd 2021, 2:45pm


Researchers found a small, yet statistically significant association between sleep disruption and depressive symptoms in children and adolescents.

Sleep Disturbance, Duration Worse Amid the Pandemic Than in Years Past

March 31st 2021, 8:20pm


The number of days with sleep disturbance issues, such as difficulty falling and staying asleep, were greater in 2020 than in 2018, as was prevalence of both shorter and longer-than-recommended sleep durations during the pandemic.

Health Care Worker Burnout and Sleep Disturbance Linked With Heightened Infection Risk, Severe COVID-19

March 25th 2021, 7:22pm


Among health care workers, disrupted sleep and daily burnout were associated with a greater risk of developing COVID-19, as well as having more severe symptoms and a longer recovery period.

Sleep Disturbance Associated With Weight Gain During Menopause

March 23rd 2021, 7:42pm


Sleep quality may be as significant as estrogen withdrawal in determining weight gain risk in women, according to a study presented virtually at the Endocrine Society’s 2021 Annual Meeting.