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Large, Retrospective Study Offers Insight Into AGEP Disease Course, Complications

January 22nd 2022, 1:10pm


Among the most notable findings were that acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis is typically triggered by antimicrobial agents and may be associated with complications of the liver or kidney for some patients.

Researchers Outline Multifactorial Considerations for Acne Treatment in Transgender Patients Receiving Testosterone

January 21st 2022, 6:30pm


Throughout their paper, researchers highlighted acne treatment for these patients often involves other considerations—including reproductive health and mental health—and dermatologists should keep these in mind when making decisions for each patient.

Patients Typically Satisfied With Outcomes of Surgery for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

January 15th 2022, 2:50pm


Self-reported experiences among the patients showed that 76% of patients were extremely or very satisfied with their surgery and 58% of patients were satisfied with the appearance of their healed wound, despite a recurrence rate of 41%.

Report: Acne Problems Increased for Many Health Care Workers in Pandemic

January 10th 2022, 11:10pm


The study found 1 in 5 physicians felt acne had a negative impact on their working lives.

Research Offers Possible Alternative to RF-CL Combo for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

January 8th 2022, 4:00pm


A novel treatment could offer an alternative to clindamycin (CL) in combination with rifampicin (RF), which comes with concerns of developing resistant bacteria due to long-term use.

Research Refutes Theory That Neutrophils May Drive Hidradentitis Suppurativa

January 7th 2022, 11:15am


The researchers found that even with low amounts or no amount of neutrophils present in the peripheral blood, patients still exhibited active disease.

No Association Found Between Biologic Use for Hidradenitis Suppurativa, COVID-19 Severity

December 29th 2021, 2:00pm


An analysis of data on patients with hidradenitis suppurativa and COVID-19 found that biologic use was not associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes in this population.

Rosacea Is Significantly Linked With Anxiety, Depression, Review Finds

December 26th 2021, 3:00pm


Results of a meta-analysis and systematic review indicate rosacea is significantly associated with depression and anxiety.

Risk Factors for Allergic Reaction to Skin Adhesives Remain Elusive

December 20th 2021, 6:15pm


A new study characterizes the rate of allergic contact dermatitis among patients given skin adhesives.

Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis Leaves Individuals Predisposed to Developing Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Study Finds

December 10th 2021, 7:00pm


A population-based study found that patients with a preexisting diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis have a higher risk of developing hidradenitis suppurativa.